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Radom 2009

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Date: 29 August 2009

Made by: Scramble


6M-BB 			S-70A-42 	1 Hub.Staf./FlRgt 1
CH-13 			C-130H 		20sm
0815342/42 wt 		Su-24MK 	116BAB
2507 			An-26 		242.tsl #
9820                    JAS39D  
6072                    L-159T1 
7354                    Mi-24V 		221.lbvr
43+10 			Tornado IDS(T) 	JBG33
CC-1 			C295M 		TuliLLv
HW-352 			Hawk Mk51A 	HävLLv 41
XX184/CQ 		Hawk T1 	100sq
ZJ926/QO-Y 		Typhoon FGR4 	3sq
ZJ939/DXI 		Typhoon FGR4 	11sq
508 			Mirage 2000-5B 	331 MPK
603 			An-26 		MH 59.Sz.D.REB.
42 			JAS39D 		MH 59.Sz.D.REB
J-868 			F-16AM 		322sq
Q-19 			AH-64D 		301sq
1501 			C-130E 		14.eltr  
4072                    F-16C 		10.elt    
0810                    M-28B-1R 	30.elMW
SN-60YG 		M-28-05 	LSG
5338 			Mi-2R 		1.OSzL   
7332                    Mi-2URP 	56.kpsb
619 			Mi-8RL 		3.gpr     
607                     Mi-17AE 	PJEM     
105                     MiG-29A 	1.elt    
052                     PZL130TC-1 	2.OSzL
305                     Su-22UM-3K 	8.elt 
1413 			TS-11-bis DF 	3.elt mks (1.OSzL)
0419                    W-3R 		2.gpr                     
0904                    W-3WA 		66.dlot                  
6610                    SW-4 		1.OSzL                    
T.21-11/35-49 		C295M 		Esc 353/Ala 35
81-0960/SP, 81-0992/SP 	A-10A 		81st FS
05-5140 		C-17A 		729th AS AFRC
EW-005DE 		Il-76MD 	Belarus AF

In front of crowd line:
271 			Mi-24D 		49.psb
3367, 3371 		Mi-35 		221.lbvr
0418 			W-3R 		2.gpr
0815 			W-3WARM 	28.elMW
6606, 6614 		SW-4 		1.OSzL
SN-16XP/A-015 		Bell 206B-3 	Policja
SP-DDA 			M-28
SP-YIR 			TS-11

Flightline East:
FA116 			F-16AM 		10w  
FA134                   F-16AM 		10w# 
HW-306/1 		Hawk Mk51 	HävLLv 41
HW-326/3                Hawk Mk51       HävLLv 41
HW-327/4                Hawk Mk51       HävLLv 41
HW-334/2                Hawk Mk51       HävLLv 41
HW-347/7                Hawk Mk51       HävLLv 41
J-015 			F-16AM 		313sq #
J-646                   F-16AM 		312sq  
15 			MiG-29UB 	1.elt #
114 			MiG-29 		1.elt
1715/9 			TS-11-bis DF 	1.OSzL/Team Iskry

Flightline East/2.OSzL platform:
019, 020, 022, 024, 025 PZL.130TC-1 	2.OSzL 
026, 035, 036, 044, 045 PZL.130TC-1     2.OSzL 
046, 050, 051 		PZL.130TC-1     2.OSzL 
037, 047 		PZL.130TC-2     2.OSzL 

TS-11-bis DFof the 1.OSL/Team Iskry:
2011/1, 2008/2, 1708/4, 2006/6, 2007/7, 2004/8, 2013/10

Flightline West:
63 bk 			Su.27UB 	61.IAB c/n 96310415090
6049, 6053 		L-159A
E28/314-AB 		Alpha Jet E 	EAC00.314
E166/705-RW 		Alpha Jet E 	EAC00.314
102/330-EF 		Rafale C 	ECE05.330
103/113-HR 		Rafale C 	EC01.007
38 			JAS39C 		MH 59.Sz.D.REB
C.15-45/12-03 		EF-18M 		Ala 12
C.15-48/12-06 		EF-18M 		Ala 12
SP-TPA 			L-410 		PANSA

In front of 2 OSzL maintenance hangar (stored):
3607 			Mi-2PSz 	1.OSzL
4713                    Mi-2P 		3.eltl  
5831                    Mi-2D 		1.OSzL  
6046                    Mi-2Ch 		1.OSzL 
018, 023, 029, 030 	PZL-130TC-1 	2.OSzL
032, 038, 041, 042 	PZL-130TC-1 	2.OSzL
043, 048, 049 +5 	PZL-130TC-1 	2.OSzL

2602 			L-410UVP-E 	242.tsl

Flypast - Friday 30 August:
1501 			C-130E 		14.eltr
011, 014 		C295M 		13.eltr
4063, 4074 		F-16C 		10.elt
4085 			F-16D 		10.elt  
0211                    M-28TD 		14.eltr
0215                    M-28TD 		13.eltr
4104, 4116 		MiG-29G 	41.elt
8101, 8920 		Su-22M-4 	40.elt
9409 			Su-22M-4 	7.elt
The flypast aircraft were noted on Friday. Due to the bad weather
on Saturday the Su-22s and MiG-29s did not show up. After
the flypast on Saturday the C-130 was placed on the static.
On Sunday the MiG-29s also performed a dogfight with two
F-16s. On Sunday 4067 replaced 4074 in the F-16 trio.

Dogfight - Friday 30 August:
4045, 4046 		F-16C 		31.BLT
Also 2 unidentified MiG-29s from the flypast.

T7230 			Tiger Moth II 	to G-AFVE

045 			Yak40 		36.SPLT
1117 			M-28TD 		28.elMW

0202 			I-22 		gate
(1808)/"04" 		MiG-21M 	gate
(140)/"40" 		MiG-23MF 	gate
0614 			Mi-2RL 		gate
4004 			Mi-24D 		gate
(8001)/"22" 		Su-22M4K 	gate
721 			TS-11 bis-B 	gate
"3463" 			TS-11 		nn
027 			PZL130TC-1 	nn
The Radom airshow will be remembered with mixed emotions.
It will primarily be remembered for the crash of yet another Su-
27, this time from the Belarus Air Foce. Unfortunately, it took the
life of two very proud aircrew, who did not eject after the aircraft
came out of a roll/loop manoeuvre. It is hard to understand why
this aircraft with such an enormous superiority in the air is now
rapidly also becoming the aircraft type with the worst airshow
safety record. The Belarus Air Force was quick to explain the
crash due to a bird strike. The plane crashed away from the
public in an unpopulated area.
Highlight of the show and at this moment of the year was by far
the appearance of the Belarus Air Force, which attracted many
foreign spotters to this hard to reach spot in Europe. Especially
the Su-24 has not been around the Airshow circuit for quite
some years! Another reason for visiting the show was the vast
array of aircraft types from Polish Forces which are rarely seen
in the west.
The static display consisted of one line of helicopters and smaller
aircraft with the bigger ones fenced off in the public area.
With many aircrew behind the fences with chairs supplied by
the organization, the static was hard to photograph properly. As
a result, even both static Belarus aircraft were hard-to-get. The
flying display was south of the crowd line, which also didn’t provide
the right setting for photography. Fortunately the spotters
packages gave ample opportunities to get operational aircraft
On Saturday the airshow was cancelled for the main part due
to the weather. The report is based on Saturday, with
some additions for the flypast that was performed by aircraft
that (except for the F-16s) were temporarily based at Minsk

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