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Mihail Kogãlniceanu 2007

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Date: 28 June 2007

Made by: Scramble


5927 			C-130B 			901Esc         
153 		        Iak-52 			SApFA          
103                     IAR-28MA 		stored, in shed
723                     IAR-99 			SApFA          
70 		        IAR-316B 		SApFA          
51                      IAR-330L 		863Esc         
62                      IAR-330 		SOCAT Baza90   
85                      IAR-330L 		863Esc         
911 		        Lancer A 		862Esc         
224 		        MiG-23MF 		stored         
75 		        MiG-29 			stored         

Civil Apron:
7003/715 		IAR-109 		IAR         
5834, 6824 	        Lancer C 		861Esc      
02-1106 	        C-17A 			62nd AW     
84-0109 	        C-21A 			76th AS     
TF-JXC 		        MD83 			BlueLine    
YR-HRS 		        BAE111-488GH 		Mia Airlines
YR-MIA 		        BAE111-492GM 		Mia Airlines
TZ-BSB 		        BAE111-401AK 		Mali Gvmt   

And the USAF Thunderbirds with F-16C/D(#)s:
86-0039#   86-0041#   86-0281    87-0313    87-0319
87-0323    87-0325    87-0331

South Side:
5024 			An-24RT 		902Esc
808, 809, 810 	        An-26 			902Esc
1105 		        An-30 			902Esc
14 		        IAR-330L 		863Esc
407 		        MiG-21PF 		stored
207 		        MiG-23MF 		stored
23 		        MiG-29UB 		stored
33, 49, 53, 69 	        MiG-29 			stored
Several more MiG-23s and MiG-29s should be stored in this
area, but access was not granted.

68 			MiG-29 			preserved on base
YR-PMR 			An-2R 			flying only

Before the gates were opened to the general public eleven
French Mirage F1CTs and Mirage 2000s left. These were here
for an exercise, which had ended the previous day. Noted
242/30-QA, 280/30-QD 	Mirage F1CT 			EC02.030
283/30-QI 		Mirage F1CT 		EC02.030
317/4-BP 		Mirage 2000N 		EC02.004
327/4-CJ 		Mirage 2000N 		EC03.004
603/3-IM 		Mirage 2000D 		EC01.003
612/3-JM, 641/3-JW 	Mirage 2000D 		EC02.003
630/3-XU 		Mirage 2000D 		EC03.003
The small airshow was organized because of the presence of
the USAF Thunderbirds on their European tour. If you were
early or with the help of the friendly military personel the aircraft
from the static could be photographed without the crowds.

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