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Changi 1984

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Date: 21 January 1984

Made by:


9M-JPA              Be.9M                                              
N3895H              Bell 222                                           
G-IAHL              BN.2A                                              
9V-BNP              Bo.105                                             
RP-C1714            HS125                                              
PH-AJU     44       Dc-2       	                  DDA                      
9M-DMF              Do.228                        Macair                  
VH-MVW              Short 360                     MVA                     
N13983              BK117                         Nurtania                
PK-PTZ              C-160                         Pelita                  
VH-SDN              Lj35                          RAAF                    
XZ495      N-003    S.Har.FRS1     801sq          RN                      
ZA169      N-015    S.KingHAS5     820sq          RN                      
927                 A-4S           142/143sq      RSiAF     ex BuNo 147779
400                 S.211                         RSiAF                   
904                 TA-4S          142/143sq      RSiAF     ex BuNo 149525
9V-BNI              AS.350                        Samaero                 
F-WXFC              SA.365                        Samaero                 
9V-BNL              AS.350                        Sin.Aero                
68-15000            AH-1S                         USAR                    

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