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Bratislava 1997

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Date: 21 June 1997

Made by: Scramble


21                    J35Ö         UbG/2
4850                  MiG-23ML     41slt/Czech AF
0719                  Sokol W-3A   nn (62vrlt)
9013                  Su-25K       322tlt (spcl mks)
3845                  F-4F         JG72
4460                  Tornado      JBG31
J-059                 F-16A        315 Sqn
J-257                 F-16A        315 Sqn (spec. c/s)
2506                  An-26        32ZmDK
3228/9                L-29         33SBoLK
3905                  L-39ZA       31SLK
1521                  L-410FG      32ZmDK
7714                  MiG-21MF     nn
1303                  MiG-29UB     31SLK
4523                  Mi-2         34VK
0823                  Mi-17        34VK
2219/A                Su-22M-4     33SBoLK
8075                  Su-25K       33SBoLK
92-0015               F-16C        191 Filo
92-0016               F-16C        nb (191 Filo)
48 (outline)          Su-27        Ukraine AF
ZH657/XX, ZH661/Z     Harrier T10  20(R)sq
XX835/FY              Jaguar T2B   41sq
ZA459                 Tornado GR1B nb
57-1499/D             KC-135R      351st ARS
90-0813/SP,90-0843/SP F-16C        22nd FS
UR-76576              IL-76MD      nn

14                    J35Ö         UbG/2
3C-JC,3C-JD,3C-JE     AB206A       HG1/2
3C-JI,3C-JJ +1        AB206A       HG1/2
AT23, AT25            Alpha Jet    nn (spcl mks)
FA58, FA68            F-16A        no mks
2425                  MiG-23MF     41slt/Czech AF
0834, 0836, 0839      Mi-24V2      331ltbvt/Czech AF
1002                  Su-25K       322tlt/Czech AF
0718                  Sokol W-3A   62vrlt
506/2-FC, 516/2-FA    Mirage 2000B EC02.002
1730                  L-39ZA       31SLK
0930                  L-410UVP-T   VSL
7713                  MiG-21MF     31SLK
6124, 6930            MiG-29       31SLK
0841,0844,0845,0846   Mi-17        34VK
0787, 0813            Mi-24V1      34VK
0420                  Tu-154B-2    32ZmDK
36911031513/05        Su-27        Russian Knights
1041602/20            Su-27UB      Russian Knights
1041608/25            Su-27UB      Russian Knights
36911031411/57        Su-27        Ukraine AF
ZD321/02, ZD380/28    Harrier GR7  1sq
ZF292/292             Tucano T1    1 FTS (blk c/s)
OM-BYE                Yak-40       Slovak Gvmt
OM-BYO                Tu-154M      Slovak Gvmt
RA-78776              IL-76MD      224TAP
L-39C's of Biele Albatrossy: 0112/1, 0442/2, 4355/3
0111/5, 0102/6 en L-39ZA 4707/-.
The fourth Su-27 of the Russian Knights (36911031819/
15) was on the base, but could not fly as the pilot made
a gear-up landing during arrival....

2209                  An-12BP      32ZmDK
2903                  An-24V       32ZmDK
3208                  An-26        32ZmDK
4711                  L-39ZA       31SLK
8205                  MiG-21MF     31SLK
6526                  MiG-29A      31SLK
3615/G                Su-22M-4     33SBoLK
8073                  Su-25K       33SBoLK

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