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Bratislava 1999

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Date: 4-7 June 1999

Made by: Robin Polderman


4523                     Mi-2                  nn 
0843                     Mi-17                 nn 
0787                     Mi-24V                34.LZ/1.Letka 
3228                     L-29                  nn (33.LZ) 
1701/SL                  L-39ZA                31.LZ/2.Letka 
1521                     L-410FG               32.LZ 
9713/SL                  MiG-21MF              31.LZ/4.Letka 
2123/SL                  MiG-29A               31.LZ 
3312/E                   Su-22M4               33.LZ 
1027                     Su-25K                33.LZ              special mks 
3C-JG                    AB-206A               2HS/FlR1 
51+02                    C-160D                LTG63 
37+33,37+50              F-4F                  JG72 
45+76                    Tornado IDS           JBG38 
MM6770/5-31              F-104S-ASA            23Gr 
MM6935/5-30              F-104S-ASA            23Gr 
MM62109/46-96            G-222TCM              46BA 
J-198                    F-16A                 311sqn 
J-208                    F-16B                 312sqn             (322sqn mks) 
37384/54                 JA37                  F4 
ZD409/38,ZG511/82        Harrier GR.7          4sqn 
XX194/CO,XX247/CM        Hawk T.1              100 (R)sqn 
XZ364/GJ                 Jaguar GR.1           54sqn 
XX829/GZ                 Jaguar T.2            54sqn 
ZE339/CK,ZH552/CH        Tornado F.3           5sqn 
ZA550/DD,ZG750/DY        Tornado GR.1          31sqn 
UR-78820                 IL-76MD               321VTAP 
48 outline               Su-27                 223 ViP            c/n 36911014411 

4707                     L-39ZA                31.LZ/2.Letka      Biele Albatrosy c/s 
7712/SL                  MiG-21MF              31.LZ/4.Letka 
6124/SL,6627/SL,6728/SL  MiG-29A               31.LZ 
0812,0823                Mi-17                 34.LZ 
0813                     Mi-24V                34.LZ 
06, 08                   J-35oE                UeG                08 in red c/s. 
0715                     W-3                   62vrlt 
1002                     Su-25K                322tlt 
R207/64-GG               C-160R                ET64 
510/5-OQ                 Mirage 2000B          EC02.005 
32/5-OJ                  Mirage 2000C          EC02.005 
44+97                    Tornado IDS           JBG38 
MM62126/46-26            G-222TCM              BA46               (04 + 05jun) 
C.15-32/15-19            EF-18A                Gr.15 
CE.15-3/15-72            EF-18B                Gr.15 
T.19B-16/35-34           CN.235                Ala35 
84001/841                Tp.84                 F7 
37329/29,37384/54        JA37                  F4 
ZJ201/294                Hawk 200              BAe                crashed 06jun 
ZD321/02                 Harrier GR.7          nmks 
ZD404/33                 Harrier GR.7          20 (R)sqn 
ZA355/TAA,ZA322/TAC      Tornado GR.1          15 (R)sqn 
57 outline               Su-27                 223 ViP            c/n 36911031411 
5831                     L-159                 Aero 
RA-43130                 Yak-130D 

Display teams: 
Biele Albatrosy: 
Patrouille de France: 
E138/0, E153/1, E158/2, E121/3, E26/4, E141/5, E104/6, E151/7, E81/8, E128/9 
Frecce Tricolore: 
MM54547/0, MM54475/1, MM54551/2, MM54517/3, MM54500/4, MM54536/5, MM54486/6, MM54480/7,
MM54473/8, MM54542/10 
Team Orliki (PZL-130TC-1): 
016, 029, 039, 043, 045 
PC-7 Team (Swiss): 
A-902, A-903, A-906, A-912, A-921, A-923, A-929, A-932, A-939, A-941 
Turkish Stars: 
3013/13, 3015/15, 3016/16, 3022/22, 3027/27, 3042/42, 3055/55, 3066/66, 4005/05, 4025/25 
(Serials not actually read but assumed from tiptank codes 13,15,16 etc) 

B-2405,B-2406,B-2744     Mi-2                  Policia 
B-2048,B-2909            Mi-2                  stored 
B-8231,B-8532            Mi-8PS                Policia 
5605                     An-24V                32.LZ              (05jun) 
3208                     An-26                 32.LZ              (04 + 07jun) 
OM-BYE,OM-BYL            Yak-40                Slovak Republic 
OM-BYO,OM-BYR            Tu-154M               Slovak Republic 
2507                     An-26                 62vrlt             (06jun) 
2601                     L-410UVP-E            62vrlt             (06jun) 
RA-88295                 Yak-40                Yak 
167?/F-RAEB              Falcon 20             AdlA               (05jun) 
U-03                     F-60UTA               334sqn             (07jun) 
021                      C-160D                12AHU              (06 + 07jun) 
69-028                   C-160D                12AHU 
099                      CN.235                12AHU?             (dolphin badge) 
1509                     An-26                 13PLT              (04 + 07jun) 

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