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Bratislava 2004

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Open Day
Date: 12/13 June 2004
Made by: Scramble, Johnny Janssen, Neil Farquharson, Jan Jencik
Updated: 14 June 2005, 5 January 2016
AT17 Alpha Jet 1B+ 11sm  
37+92 F-4F JG74  
46+41 Tornado ECR JBG32  
581 Mi-24D 87.HHE  
MM62159 P-180AM 636°SC  
145 L-410T Latvia AF/ 1.AvEsk  
1602 An-26 13.eltr  
15202, 15237 Alpha Jet A Esq 103/301  
08 bl 36911013605 Su-27A Ukraine AF/ 831 IAP  
76413 Il-76MD Ukraine AF  
3H-FG PC-7 Fliegerschule  
23691 Super Galeb G4 VOC  
25531 NJ-22 VOC  
71386 An-26 677.trae  
6030 L-159A 212.slt  
ZG510/81, ZG531/85 Harrier GR7 1sq  
81-0945/SP, 81-0988/SP A-10A 81st FS  
39134 JAS39A nmks  
1521 L-410FG Sdolt  
4523 Mi-2 3.VrK  
820 Mi-17 3.VrK  
215 Mi-24D 3.VrK  
5304/SL Mig-29UB 1.SLK  
B-1770 Mi-171 Policie  
FA100, FA114 F-16AM 10w  
45+30 Tornado IDS MFG2  
46+15 Tornado IDS MFG2  
5152/61-PI C-130H-30 ET02.061  
19/5-OX, 30/5-OF Mirage 2000C EC02.005  
131/XQ TBM-700A ETEC00.065  
MM62152/RS-45 G-222TCM 311°Gr RSV  
J-016 F-16AM 323sq spcl mks  
J-643 F-16AM 322sq  
3H-FE PC-7 Fliegerschule  
6M-BE S-70A FlRgt 1  
23638 Super Galeb G4 VOC  
25207 J-22A VOC  
2408 An-26 61.Dlt  
713 W-3A 242.vrlt  
6073 L-159B Aero Vodochody  
56 bl 36911031310 Su-27 831 IAP  
XX159 Hawk T1A 208(R)sq  
XX261 Hawk T1A 208(R)sq  
ZA463/TL Tornado GR4 15(R)sq  
39133 JAS39A nmks  
1725 L-39ZA 1.SLK  
927 L-410T 1.SLK  
827 Mi-17 1.SLK?  
786 Mi-24V 3.Vrk  
3709, 3911, 6526 MiG-29A 1.SLK  
B-1730 Mi-171 Policie  
The Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France :
E94/1 E134/2 E160/3 E135/4 E165/5
E120/6 E46/7 E163/8 E75/9 E41/0
F-5Es of the Patrouille Suisse :
J-3081 J-3082 J-3085 J-3086
J-3087 J-3088 J-3090
TS-11s of Team Iskry:
0730/1 0726/2 0709/4 1015/7
0510/8 0714/9 1010/10
MB339As of the Frecce Tricolori:
MM54505/0 MM54485/1 MM54542/2 MM54479/3
MM54543/4 MM54482/5 MM54536/6 MM54478/7
MM54473/8 MM54477/9 MM54475/10
LU-MV area:
B-1717 Mi-171 Policie hangared  
B-1786 Mi-171 Policie Platform  
B-2048 Mi-2 wreck hangared  
B-2405 Mi-2 Policie Platform  
B-2406 Mi-2 Policie std no rotors  
B-2744 Mi-2 Policie hangared  
B-2909, B-2950 Mi-2 Policie std no rotors  
B-8231 Mi-8PS Policie std  
B-8427 Mi-8P Policie std no rotors  
B-8532 Mi-8PS Policie Platform  
OM-BYR Tu-154M Ministry of Interior  
OM-BYE Yak-40 Ministry of Interior  
1x L-410 nn  
1701 L-39V 31.SLK  
4701, 4711 L-39ZA 31.SLK  
730 L-410UVP Sdolt  
1133 L-410T Sdolt  
2311 L-410UVP-E Sdolt  
0821, 0844 Mi-17 3.Vrk  
0845, 0846 Mi-17 3.Vrk  
0150, 4009 Mi-24V 3.Vrk  
708 Mi-24D 3.Vrk  
The three MiG-29s of the flightline also took part in the parade.

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