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Malacky 2021

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Malacky (Slovakia)

SIAF 2021

04/05 September 2021

CH12 C-130H 20sq 15w
FA86 F-16AM 350sq marked 80 years 350sq
226 Mi-171Sh EVH  
334 OH-58D EH  
0481 C295MW 242.tsl  
B-536 C-130J-30 Esk 721  
30+90 EF2000 TLG71  
54+36 A400M LTG62  
07 H145M MH 86.HE  
MM55092/4-25 TF-2000A 4° St/904° GEA  
MM55130/4-33 TF-2000A 4° St/904° GEA  
XW224 +1 Puma HC2 Benson  
16-08200 CH-47F B/2-1st AVN  
AH-64E USAr  
1303/SL MiG-29UBS TacK  
1931 C-27J DK  
2818 L-410UVP-E20 DK  
5251 L-39CM TacK  
7445 UH-60M VrK  
OM-BHK UH-60A (81-23552)STA  
D-FOMT PC-9 Private  
OK-PPM Zlin 142 Private  
G120 Grob  
Flying / Flightline:
FA101 F-16AM 2w Dark Falcon
0475 L-39NG Aero  
0712 W-3A 243.vrl  
3369 Mi-35 221.vrl marked 80 years 311 CS Bomb sq
6065 L-159T1  
6070 L-159A marked 20 Years L-159
9239 JAS39C  
9767 Mi-171Sh 222.vrl  
33 JAS39C MH 59.Sz.D. REB.  
MM7350/RS-22 F-2000A 311° Gr/RSV  
MM54500/10 MB339A/PAN 313° Gruppo  
MM54505/7 MB339A/PAN 313° Gruppo  
MM54510/0 MB339A/PAN 313° Gruppo  
MM54514/4 MB339A/PAN 313° Gruppo  
MM54517/9 MB339A/PAN 313° Gruppo  
MM54518/2 MB339A/PAN 313° Gruppo  
MM54534/6 MB339A/PAN 313° Gruppo  
MM55054/1 MB339A/PAN 313° Gruppo  
MM55055/8 MB339A/PAN 313° Gruppo  
MM55058/3 MB339A/PAN 313° Gruppo  
MM55059/5 MB339A/PAN 313° Gruppo  
MM55213/61-06 T-346A 311° Gr/RSV  
CSX62219/RS-50 C-27J 311° Gr/RSV  
023, 036, 042 PZL-130TC-2 42.BLSz  
043, 047 PZL-130TC-2 42.BLSz  
L9-61/61 PC-9M 152.LEESK  
0841 Mi-17LPZS VrK  
1962 C-27J DK  
5254 L-39CM TacK  
6728 MiG-29AS TacK  
7447 UH-60M VrK  
7641 UH-60M VrK  
OM-BYA A319-115CJ LU-MV SR  
OM-BYB Fokker 100 LU-MV SR  
OM-FLP L-29 Private  
OM-SLK L-29 Private marked '01'
OO-HUR Hurricane Mk.IV Private ex KZ321
HA-BCL Mi-2 Private  
OE-EAS F4U-4 Corsair I Flying Bulls  
N25Y P-38L Lightning Flying Bulls  
N6123C B-25J Mitchell Flying Bulls  
SP-MIG SBLim-1   as Polish AF ‘602’
SP-YNZ SBLim-2   as Polish AF ‘006’
Preserved behind static:
1208 MiG-21MA    
MM62181/46-46 KC-130J 50° Gr  
013 C295M 8.BLTr.  
1504 C-130E 33.BLTr  

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