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Sliac 2015

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Sliaç Air Festival
Date: 29-8-2015
1129/RI-29 Saab 105Ö Düsentrainerstaffel  
CH-13 C-130H 20sq  
6047 L-159T1 213.VLT  
7356 Mi-24V 221.VRL  
44+58, 45+00 Tornado IDS TLG 33  
74+45 Tiger UHT KHR36  
2901 L410-UVP-E DK  
4703 L-39ZAM ZLK  
5304 MiG-29UBS ZLK  
6526 MiG-29AS ZLK (inside shelter)
827 Mi-17 VLK  
023, 025 C295M 13 ELTr  
102001/021 Tp-102A TSFE visitor  
XX265/CP Hawk T1A 100sq  
78-0489 F-15C 159th FS FL ANG  
82-0016 F-15C 123rd FS OR ANG  
13-20592 UH-60M A/4-3rd AVN  
OM-SLK “01red” L-29    
Northern Flight line:
1126/RF-26 Saab 105Ö Düsentrainerstaffel $
FA123 F-16AM 10w $
FA136 F-16AM 10w  
6051 L-159A 212.TL  
67, 114 MiG-29A 1.ELT  
6627, 6728 MiG-29AS ZLK  
1303 MiG-29UBS ZLK $
5301, 5253 L- 39CM ZLK  
2506 An-26 DK  
39840/840 JAS39D F17  
J-5007, J-5026 F/A-18C nb  
XX346/CH Hawk T1A 100sq  
N151W P-51D ex USAAF 45-11540/PE-R  
Plus the Frecce Tricolori which remained unidentified.
Southern Flight line:
6M-BC S-70A mTHSSta  
H24 A109BA 1w $
2707 C-27J Baza 90  
0820 +1 Mi-17 VLK  
OM-BYU Mi-17 Slovak Govmt (ex B-1770)  
OM-BY. Yak-40 Slovak Govmt  
OM-BYM Bell 429 Slovak Police  
PC-7(NC) of the Pilotenrekrutenschule/PC-7 Team
A-912, A-915, A-918, A-924, A-925, A-926, A-929, A-931, A-940
Plus the Polisch AF team Orlik, which remained unidentified
4701, 4707, 4711 L-39ZAM ZLK  
0730, 0745 L-39V std  
5252 L-39CM ZLK  
0111, 5254 L-39CM ZLK  
1730 L-39ZAM std  
4401 MiG-29UB std  
0820, 2022, 5113 MiG-29A std  
9501 MiG-21MF pres Gate  
Arriving Saturday:
4588/61-PM C-130H ET02.061  
The Hercules arrived in support of Patrouille de France which remained unidentified..


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