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Sliac 2016

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Sliac (Slovakia)

Slovak International Air Fest

27 - 28 August 2016

6M-BC S-70A-42 mTHSSta  
CE02 ERJ135LR 21sq  
FA129/MN-B F-16AM 350sq  
30+59 EF2000 TLG74  
46+11 Tornado IDS TLG33  
84+35 CH-53GA HSG64  
32 JAS39C MH 59. Sz.D. REB.  
J-001 F-16AM 312sq  
020 C295M 13.el  
4123 MiG-29GT 22.BLT  
509 Su-22UM-3K 21.BLT  
2707 C-27J Basa 90 Av.Tr.  
6607 MiG-21 Lancer-C Esc711  
44bl An-26 nmks/UkrAF 9603
71bl Su-27UB1M 831 BrTA 96310424043
XX191/CC Hawk T1A 100 sq  
60-0038/BD B-52H 93rd BS  
15-20732 UH-60M US Army  
4707 L-39ZAM Zmiesane kridlo  
1521 L-410FG Dopravne kridlo  
0820 Mi-17 Vrtulnikove kridlo  
0619, 2123 MiG-29AS Zmiesane kridlo  
5304 MiG-29UBS Zmiesane kridlo  
ST23, ST31, ST34, ST36 SF260M+ CC Air  
0454 C295M 242.tsl  
9241 JAS39C  
J-635 F-16AM 312sq  
9516 MiG-21 Lancer-B Esc711  
58bl Su-27S1M 831 BrTA  
5252, 5301 L-39CM Zmiesane kridlo  
4701, 4703 L-39ZAM Zmiesane kridlo  
2818, 2901 L-410UVP-E20 Dopravne kridlo  
0807 Mi-17 Vrtulnikove kridlo  
3709, 3911, 6627 MiG-29AS Zmiesane kridlo  
0921, 1303 MiG-29UBS Zmiesane kridlo  
OK-UTI CS-102 ex 266/Poland, as 2514  
OM-BYA A319-115X LU-MV SR  
OM-BYD Bell 429 LU-MV SR  
OM-BYU Mi-171 LU-MV SR  
OM-SLK L-29 ex USSR, as 01 rd  
0111, 5254 L-39CM stored  
0745 L-39V stored  
1701, 1725 L-39ZAM stored  
1730 L-39ZAM preserved  
7801, 9501 MiG-21MF preserved  
0820, 5113, 6425, 7501 MiG-29 stored  
4401 MiG-29UB stored  
Patrulla Aguila with C101EBs:
E.25-62/79-17/1, E.25-06/79-06/2, E.25-23/79-23/3, E.25-87/79-29/-,      
E.25-13/7913/5, E.25-22/79-22/6, E.25-38/79-38/7, E.25-69/79-37/8      

The annual Slovak International Air Fest was held during the last weekend of August and blessed with great weather. Highlights were the Romanian and Ukrainian delegations, but for the local population the attendance of a USAF B-52 and US Army UH-60M was probably more significant.

The sun is alright for photography in the morning, but after noon the show becomes backlit. It proved very hard to find a decent spot outside on the west side as most roads around the base were blocked for the show.

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