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Sliac 2018

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Sliač (Slovakia)


1-2 September 2018

7L-WE EF2000 ÜbwGeschwader  
44 JAS39D MH 59. Sz.D. REB  
MM55222/61-21 T-346A 212° Gruppo  
MM62214/46-84 C-27J 98° Gruppo TM  
MM81823/15-51 HH-139A 81° Centro AE  
0841 Mi-17 Vrtulníkové krídlo  
1521 L-410FG 1 Dopravná letka  
1962 C-27J 1 Dopravná letka  
5253 L-39CM 2 Výcviková letka  
024 C295M 8.BLTr  
4060 F-16C 31.BLT  
956 Mi-24V 49.BLot  
6627/SL MiG-29AS 1 Bojová letka  
C.15-59/12-17 EF-18M Ala 12  
T.21-11/35-49 C295M Ala 35  
73-1023 F-4E-2020 111 Filo  
77-0296 F-4E-2020 111 Filo special mks
ZJ923, ZJ924 Typhoon FGR4 II(AC)sq  
D-EEFU MS880 Private  
N6123C B-25J Flying Bulls ex USAAF 44-86893
OE-EAS/RB F4U-4 Flying Bulls ex USN 96995
OM-ATT Bell 429 Air Transport Europe  
Shelter 9:
6425/SL MiG-29AS 1 Bojová letka  
Shelter 10:
7640 UH-60M 1 Vrtul’niková letka  
In front of shelter 10:
4701 L-39ZAM 2 Výcviková letka  
5302 L-39CM 2 Výcviková letka  
VIP Area:
OM-BHK UH-60A   ex USAR 81-23552
Northern flight line:
9241 JAS39C  
E48/8-MH Alpha Jet E EE03.008  
44+65 Tornado IDS TLG51  
4054 F-16C 31.BLT  
0619 MiG-29AS 1 Bojová letka  
1303/SL MiG-29UBS 1 Bojová letka  
2022 MiG-29A std  
C.15-57/12-15 EF-18M Ala12  
93-057 CN235M-100 201 Filo  
N3665F SNJ-5 as JC-54 ex USN 84930
SE-KVD Sk50 as 98 ex Sweden 50050
… (10x) Alpha Jet E Patrouille de France not identified
Southern flight line:
H29 A109BA 17sq/1w  
7358 Mi-24V 221.vrl  
0845 Mi-17 Vrtulníkové krídlo  
5251, 5301 L-39CM 2 Výcviková letka  
3709, 6526/SL MiG-29AS 1 Bojová letka  
7641, 7642 UH-60M 1 Vrtul”nikova letka  
OM-BYD Bell 429 Letka policajná  
D-HTDM Bo105CBS-4 Flying Bulls  
OM-EXT EA330SC    
OM-PAC Ce182Q Compact Skydive  
Opening flight:
1st fly-by:
0845 Mi-17 Vrtulníkové krídlo  
7641, 7642 UH-60M 1 Vrtul”nikova letka  
2nd fly-by:
1931 C-27J 1 Dopravná letka  
5301 L-39CM 2 Výcviková letka  
3rd fly-by:
3085 A319-115 241.dlt  
9237, 9241 JAS39C  
4th fly-by:
3709, 6526/SL MiG-29AS 1 Bojová letka  
OM-BYA A319-115 LU-MV SR  
5th fly-by:
OM-BYA A319-115 LU-MV SR  
OM-BYC Fokker 100 LU-MV SR  
9501/SL MiG-21MF   barracks
1730 L-39ZAM    
7501/SL MiG-29A    
7801/SL MiG-21MF    

Very unusual as the Alpha Jets of the patrouille de France remained unidentified. Although they were at kleine Brogel a week later, we cannot 100% confirm that these are the same aircraft. Plus an unidentified support C-130H.

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