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Trencin 1996

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Date: 5 October 1996

Made by: Scramble


0707                  Mi-24V1      34VK/Slovak AF
1215                  MiG-21PF     stored
2419                  MiG-21U      stored
2615                  MiG-21MF     31SLK/Slovak AF
5304, 6627, 6829      MiG-29       31SLK/Slovak AF
2219/A                Su-22M4      33SBoLK/Slovak AF
8073                  Su-25K       33SBoLK/Slovak AF

5803                  An-24V       61dlt/Czech AF
3905                  L-39ZA       nn/Slovak AF
0730                  L-410UVP     32ZmDK/Slovak AF
2832                  Mi-8T        32ZmDK/Slovak AF
0841                  Mi-17        nn/Slovak AF
0833                  Mi-24V2      34VK/Slovak AF
0412                  MiG-21F-13   stored
4415  + 1             MiG-21PFM    stored
6728                  MiG-29       31SLK/Slovak AF
5021, 5316            Su-7BM       stored
6504, 6506            Su-7BKL      fuselage only
CCCP-67585            L-410UVP-E   Aeroflot
CCCP-67587            L-410UVP-E   Aeroflot
OM-SDA                L-410UVP-E7  Seagle
RA-67623              L-410UVP-E   Saxa Avia

7520                  Mi-8PPA      32ZmDK/Slovak AF

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