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Bredasdorp 2003

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Date: 14-16 November 2003

Made by:


ZJ951		Hawk 100	BAE Systems    
724	        Ce185A		44sq                   
344	        Cheetah C	TFDC           
365	        Cheetah C	2sq            
610	        Impala I	85CFS          
ZS-DEC	        DH82A		nn                     
ZS-JIS	        G-I		Tramon Air             
ZS-MNC	        Beech C90	Container World
ZS-OWZ	        GA8		Airvan Africa          

401		C-130B		44sq
8010		C212M-200	44sq
347		Cheetah C	2sq
1200		Oryx		TFDC
2005, 2027	PC-7 MkII	TFDC
2017/4, 2020/2	PC-7 MkII	CFS
2023/3, 2028/1	PC-7 MkII	CFS
ZS-SND		A340-642	SAA	15nov             
ZU-AUJ	        Hunter F6A	ex XE653	black c/s 
ZU-AVC	        Hunter F58	ex 'J-4059'               
ZU-AVI	        Buccan. S2B	ex XW988	black c/s 
ZU-BCR	        Buccan. S2B	ex XW987	black c/s 
ZU-BEW	        Lightning F6	ex 'XR773/BR'             
ZU-BEX	        Lightning T5	ex XS451	silver c/s
ZU-NIP	        Buccan. S2B	ex XW986	DRA c/s   
ZU-PER	        Strikem. Mk83	ex Kuwait 113             
ZU-WOW	        Fury FB10	"369/SD" RAN              

Flying only:
1722/P		Shacklet. MR3	SAAF HF

Fly-in visitors:
9G-ADW		PA-28-181          
V5-CME	        Ce210              
Z-WEP	        CeFR172J           
ZS-HWM	        Bell 206B          
ZS-IDO	        Ce337E             
ZS-JLW	        PA-23-250          
ZS-KIJ	        PA-34-200T         
ZS-LET	        Beech 58           
ZS-NDV	        Ce208B		Federal Air
ZS-REU	        Bell 206L          
ZS-SDP	        PC-12/45           
ZU-CXK	        Yak-52             

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