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Waterkloof 2000

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Date: 5-9 September 2000

Made by:


* = also flying
Static SAAF aircraft:
650			Beech 200C	41sq
1421/AF-621		B707-344C	60sq
6859 *			C-47A		Museum HF
6828			C-47TP		TFDC Bredasdorp
6885, 6887		C-47TP		35sq
404, 406		C-130B		28sq
411			C-130F		28sq
8020			C212-300	44sq
710			Ce185A		44sq
748			Ce185E		44sq	(bare metal c/s)
3002			Ce208		41sq
349			Cheetah C	2sq
847			Cheetah D	2sq
361 *			CL-13B Mk6	Museum HF
8026			CN235M-10	44sq
592/1			MB326M		85CFS	(Silver Falcons)
219			Mirage F1AZ	nn
1200			Oryx		TFDC
1208			Oryx		17sq
"325" *			P-51D		Museum HF, ex 44-72202
8030			PC-12M		41sq
55			SE3160		17sq
277 *			Vampire T55-2	Museum HF
ZS-KNC			Ce210		104sq (res)
ZS-LPE			BAe125-400B	111sq (res)
ZS-MLN			Ce551		21sq

Static foreign:
7T-VFP			Zlin 43		AlgeriaAF, c/n 0099
7T-WID			IL-76TD		AlgeriaAF, c/n 1023414470
E-815 *			IA-63		ArgentinaAF/IVBA
FA133/FS		F-16A		2w
5099			C-160D		LTG61
ZD262/SN-334 *		Lynx HMA8	815sq
XV246			Nimrod MR2	Kinloss MRW
ZA399/AJ-C, ZA471/AJ-K*	Tornado GR1B	617sq
ZD953 *			Tristar KC1	216sq
86-0111/EL		B-1B		37th BS
85-0031			KC-10A		305th AMW
97-0048			C-17A		437th AW
92-0547			C-130H		50th AS
62-3561/D		KC-135R		351st ARS
91-0332/LN		F-15E		494th FS
91-0339/SP		F-16CJ		22nd FS
AF827 			K-8		ZambiaAF/43sq, c/n L83200104
610 *			Hawk T60A	ZimbabweAF/2sq
39804/804 *		JAS39B		nn

Static vintage:
ZS-BMH *		DC-4-1009	SAA c/s
ZS-BXF *		C-47A		SAA c/s
ZU-AOR			Harvard IIA	Harvard Club of SA
ZU-BSG			Saab 91		ex EthiopiaAF
ZU-SPT *		Spitfire IX	'TE566/DU-A'

Static (heli standby):
382 *			BK117A-3	15sq
1207			Oryx		87HFS
61			SE3160		17sq

Hangar display:
354, 377		Cheetah C	2sq
844			Cheetah D	Denel
7072			Harvard IIA	Museum HF
1068			MB326K		85CFS
1203			Oryx		17sq
ATTD1, ATTD2		PC-7		68AS, i/a
671			Rooivalk	16sq

28sq hangar:
402			C-130B		28sq
751			Ce185E		44sq

41sq hangar:
651, 652, 653		Beech 200C	41sq
3001, 3003, 3004, 3006	Ce208		41sq
3007, 3008, 3009	Ce208		41sq

60sq hangar:
1417			B707-328C	60sq
(1423)			B707-344C	60sq
ZS-LIG			Ce550		21sq
ZS-CAG			Falcon 50	21sq

Far side/flightline/flying:
987			C-4M		Museum HF
6884			C-47TP		35sq "Spike"
403, 405		C-130B		28sq
8011			C212M-200	44sq
8021			C212-300	44sq
3005, 3011, 3012	Ce208		41sq
356, 371		Cheetah C	2sq
589			MB326M		8sq
1063			MB326K		85CFS "Gannet"
1070			MB326K		85CFS
1075, 1087, 1091, 1095	MB326K		8sq
817			Mirage 3BZ	Museum HF
800			Mirage 3CZ	Museum HF
1213			Oryx		17sq
1226			Oryx		19sq
1239			Oryx		15sq
2018, 2020, 2024	PC-7 MkII	CFS
2025, 2026, 2027	PC-7 MkII	CFS
670, 674		Rooivalk	16sq
175			SA330L		Museum HF, TFDC mks
22			SE3130		Museum HF, 8th only
7T-VFB			Zlin 142	AlgeriaAF
TC-100			L-100-30	ArgentinaAF
CH01			C-130H		20sm
FA107, FA117/FS		F-16A		2w
OB-1			Beech 200	BotswanaAF, 3rd only
5097			C-160D		LTG62
XV188/188		Hercules C3	LTW
39174/174		JAS39A		F10
86-0095/EL		B-1B		28th BW
91-0324/LN		F-15E		494th FS
91-0464/SP		F-16DJ		22nd FS
AF824 L83200101		K8		ZambiaAF/43sq
AF828 L83200105		K8		ZambiaAF/43sq
AF-214, A-216		Y-12-II		ZambiaAF/22sq
AF-217			Y-12-II		ZambiaAF/22sq, 9th only
812			C212M-200	ZimbabweAF/3sq
605			Hawk T60	ZimbabweAF/2sq
ZS-CAQ			Falcon 50	21sq, 9th only
ZS-NAN			Falcon 900	21sq
ZU-ACI			P166S		9th only
ZU-AUW			L29		c/n 591429
ZU-AVI			Buccaneer S2B	'XW988'
ZU-AYS			Harvard III	'7475'
ZU-BBD			Lightning T5	'XS452'
ZU-BCR			Buccaneer S2B	'XW987'
ZU-BET			AT-6C		'7695'
ZU-BEU			Harvard IIA	'7188'

2007			DH87B		SAA HF
ZS-BGN			DH82A		J.A. Earle
ZS-DHR			DH82A		J.L. Venter '521'
Deze kistjes hebben tevens voorgevlogen.

412			Buccaneer S50	pres
459			Canberra T4	pres
331, 332, 333, 334	C-160Z		std
335, 336, 338, 339	C-160Z		std
410/9787, 412/9805	C-130F		std
369/H			CL-13B Mk6	pres
202, 211		Mirage F1CZ	std

Flying only:
713			Ce185A		44sq
348, 352, 369		Cheetah C	2sq
1206, 1224, 1225	Oryx		17sq
626			SA316B		17sq, 9th only
N809NA			ER-2S		NASA Dryden, 9th only
ZU-AOU			Harvard III	'7569'

F-GDVP			Falcon 900EX	Dassault, until 7th
N701WH			BD-700		Triperoo Wings
N758CX			Ce750		Cessna Aircraft
N3194U			Beech B200	Raytheon Aircraft
RA-76369		IL-76TD		Airstan
ZS-AVL			CL-604		Anglo-Vaal Group
ZS-BAR			Lj45		Amalgamated Roof Tech.
ZS-BGR			CeT206H		Boekenhoutkloof
ZS-DCT			Lj45		Searay 45
ZS-DDT			BAe125-800XP	Beechjet Charter
ZS-FBB			PA-25-235	Totair, 3rd only
ZS-FCB			Ce560XL		The Flying Company
ZS-HNV			Enstrom 280C	RJ Thomson, 6th only
ZS-HRT			Bell 206B	Primedia Broadc., 9th only
ZS-HVV			Bell 206L-3	National Airways
ZS-JGW			Ce401B		Nelair Charters, 4th only
ZS-KCP			Bell 55		Baranza Air Services
ZS-MBZ			Beech C90	Belle Ombre Air, 3rd only
ZS-NDN			PA-31-350	R.P.F. Aviation, 4th only
ZS-NNK			Ce208B		Streamline Air Charter
ZS-NRN			Do228-200	South African Airlink
ZS-NTV			Lj60		Barlows Central Fin.
ZS-NUW			Ce525		Commercial Air Services
ZS-OIW			Maule MXT-180	STOL Aircraft Hire
ZS-OIZ *		Lj45		Execujet Air Charter
ZS-OML *		Lj31A		Execujet Air Charter
ZS-ONL			CL-601		Execujet Air Charter
ZS-ONP			Beech 400A	Cape Air
ZS-OOW *		Beech 1900D	National Airways
ZS-PCB			Beech 58	Castellano-Beltrame
ZS-RKM			Bell 407	The Hover Trust
ZS-RKV			Bell 407	SA Red Cross
ZS-RLB			Bell 407	Baxter Air
ZS-RLP			EC120B		EC120 Investments
ZS-RLT			R44		Collective Torque
ZS-RLW			EC120B		Talisker, dep 7th
ZS-ROB			Enstrom 480	RJ Thomson, 6th only
ZS-RRB			A109K2		Viamax Fleet Management
ZS-RWB			AS350B3		W vd Riet, dep 7th
ZS-SJC			B737-85F	South African Airways

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