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Waterkloof 2002

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Date: 18-22 September 2002

Made by:


OJ25			CF-116D		BotswanaAF/Z28
R87/61-ZE		C-160R		ET00.061
TJX-CQ			MB326K		CameroonAF
ZJ100			Hawk 102D	BAE Systems
85-0084/EL		B-1B		77th BS        
87-0040		        C-5B	        60th AMW       
71-0881		        C-9A	        75th AS        
78-0807		        C-130H	        185th AS OK ANG
91-0603/LN	        F-15E	        494th FS       
63-8025/D	        KC-135R	        351st ARS      
39134/134	        JAS39A	        nn             
389			BK117		15sq               
1423	                B707-344C	60sq       
653	                Beech 300	41sq       
969	                C-4M		SAAF Museum        
715	                Ce185A		44sq               
ZS-MLN	                Ce551		21sq               
363	                Cheetah D	2sq        
847	                Cheetah D	SAAF Museum
ZS-CAQ	                Falcon 50	21sq       
ZS-NAN	                Falcon 900	21sq       
7001	                Harvard IIA	SAAF Museum
1058	                MB326K		85CFS              
603, 610		MB326M		85CFS
216			Mirage F1CZ	SAAF Museum
1209			Oryx		17sq
881			P166S		SAAF Museum
8030			PC-12M		41sq
672, 674 (static)	Rooivalk	16sq
635			SA316B		17sq
277			Vampire T55-2	SAAF Museum

91-0318/LN		F-15E		494th FS             
63-8884/D	        KC-135R		351st ARS            
39199/199	        JAS39A		nn                   
1421		        B707-344C	60sq         
55		        SE3160		17sq                 
626		        SA316B		17sq                 
370		        Cheetah C	2sq, spec mks
7728		        AT-6G		SAAF Museum          
1063		        MB326K		85CFS                
1208, 1227	        Oryx		17sq, 19sq           
671, 675, 676, 677, 678	Rooivalk	16sq
ZS-HRI			Bo105CBS	SA Police
ZS-HSD	                BK117A-3	SA Police
ZS-RPL	                AS350B3		SA Police        
ZS-SJR	                B737-800	SAA      
ZS-SKA	                B747-300	SAA      
ZU-AUX	                L-29		Tyco             
ZU-BAK	                SNJ-3		ex 7679          
ZU-JET	                L-39C		Tyco             
-	                AT-6C		ex 7678          

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