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Waterkloof 2014

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Waterkloof AB AAD 2014 Air Show
Date: 17-21 September 2014
15, 22 SE3130 SAAF Museum HF  
192 Lynx 300 22sq  
259, 260, 262 Hawk Mk120 85 CFS  
268, 273 Hawk Mk120 85 CFS  
267 Hawk Mk120 TFDC $
380, 381 BK117A-3 15sq  
402 C-130BZ 29sq $
404, 407 C-130BZ 28sq stored near hang.
411 C-130F   stored near hangars
628 SA316B SAAF Museum HF  
650 Beech 200 41sq  
653 Beech 300 41sq  
675, 677 Rooivalk Mk1 16sq  
680 Rooivalk Mk1 16sq UN white c/s
861 Cheetah B Denel (ex 2sq) $
1212 TP-1 Oryx 17sq  
1226 TP-1 Oryx 19sq  
1232 TP-1 Oryx 22sq  
1234 TP-1 Oryx nn  
2000 TSC-2 SAAF Museum HF  
20../1, 2019/2, 2020/3 PC-7 Mk.II CFS/Silver Falcons  
2024/4, 2025/5, 2027/3 PC-7 Mk.II CFS/Silver Falcons  
3012 Ce208A 41sq  
3917/17, 3920/20, 3922/22 JAS39C 2sq  
3924/24 JAS39C 2sq  
4014, 4017 A109LUH 17sq  
6885 C-47TP 35sq  
8011 C212-200 41sq  
94-0067 C-17A 137th AS NY ANG  
08-8605/RS C-130J-30 37th AS  
-1409 SA341/2 unmarked  
F-HGHF Falcon 7X Dassault Aviation  
N72FT P-51D ex USAAF 44-11661/QP-X  
N80709 Beech 350 Beechcraft Corp.  
OE-FMV DA42MPP 42339  
RA-33390 An-2R UTair Cargo  
ZS-AUB DC-4-1009 South African Airways HF  
ZS-BGN DH82A ex SAAF 2185  
ZS-BMH DC-4-1009 South African Airways HF  
ZS-BXF C-47A South African Airways HF  
ZS-CSB Phenom 300    
ZU-DFH Vampire T55-2 ex SAAF 277  
ZS-DIX Beech C90 National Airways Corp.  
ZU-DML Harvard III ex SAAF 7480  
ZS-EAA Beech 1900D    
ZU-FOY T-28D as S. Vietnam 50273  
ZU-HBH Gazelle HT2 ex RAF XX441  
ZS-HDO Enstrom 480B Paramount Group c/s
ZS-HIU AS350B3e MCC Aviation  
ZU-HUN Hunter T68 ex Swiss AF J-4202  
ZS-HLA UH-1H Fire Force Working on Fire  
ZS-IGP Lj35A MCC Aviation  
ZU-IMP MB326M ex SAAF 479  
ZS-KFJ PA34-200T    
ZS-KTO PA60-600    
ZS-KZE Beech B55    
ZS-NTE C-47A Springbok Classic Air  
ZS-OIJ Beech E18S    
ZS-PEB PA60-601P    
ZS-PLN Beech C90GTx    
ZS-RSN EC635 Airbus Heli. Air Force titles
ZS-RZG Bell 407 MCC Aviation  
ZS-TBB Ce208B    
ZS-TDB GA8-TC320 Airvan Africa  
ZS-TJS Lj45    
ZU-XDM Ahrlac Paramount Group  
ZS-NKG Ce208    
Flying only:
1204 TP-1 Oryx 17sq  
ZU-AYS/1 AT-6D    
ZU-BET/2 AT-6C    
ZU-BEU/3 AT-6C    
ZU-BMC/4 AT-6D    
ZU-DFI P166S ex 881 SAAF Museum HF  
ZU-CXA/959 Bosbok ex 959, SAAF Museum HF  
175 SA330 ex SAAF, SAAF Museum HF  
ZU-DML/7480 T-6 ex 7480 SAAF Museum HF  
ZU-CXX T-6 SAAF Museum HF  
ZU-CXV/7001 T-6 ex 7001, SAAF Museum HF  
7111 T-6 ex 7111, SAAF Museum HF  
7072 T-6 ex 7072, SAAF Museum HF  
ZS-SJH B737-8BG Mango 20
ZS-ZWB B737-8LD Kulula Air 20
Inside hangars:
406, 408 C-130BZ 28sq  
3004, 3005, 3007 Ce208A 41sq  
8020 C212-300 nn  
Preserved on base:
459 Canberra T4 pres  
412 Buccaneer S50 pres  


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