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Cuatro Vientos 1983

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Date: 19 June 1983

Made by:


ALOUETTE III     HD.16-1            Esc-803
ALOUETTE III     HD.16-4            Esc-803
ALOUETTE III     HD.16-5            Esc-803
ALOUETTE III     HD.16-7            Esc-803
AVIOCAR 212SI    D.3B-6
BELL 205A        HD.10A-7           Esc-803
CASA 101         E25-53/411-07      Esc-411
MIRAGE F-1CE     C14A-06/141-06     Esc-141
MIRAGE F-1CE     C14A-08/141-08     Esc-141
MIRAGE F-1CE     C14A-11/141-11     Esc-141
OH-13H           HE.7A-52/782-33    Esc-782
PUMA             HT.19-1/402-01     Esc-402
PUMA             HT.19-4/402-03     Esc-402
PUMA             HT.19-5/402-04     Esc-402
T-6 TEXAN        E16-65/793-16      Esc-793     
T-6 TEXAN        E16-71/793-38      ESC-793

CARIBOU          T.9-10/372-10      
CARIBOU          T.9-23/371-03

AVIOCAR 212A     T.12B-26/721-20    Esc-721
AVIOCAR 212B     TR.12A-5/403-13    Esc-403
AVIOCAR 212B     TR.12A-6/403-14    Esc-403
AVIOCAR 212B     TR.12A-7/403-15    Esc-403
CASA 127         U9.01/26-36        Esc-803
CASA 127         U9.28/407-28       Esc-407
CANADAIR CL215   UD.13-11/431-11    Esc-431

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