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Getafe 2004

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Date: 5 June 2004

Made by: Scramble, Steve Baily, Piet Luijken

Updated: 14 June 2005

First static:
E.22-4/42-33		Beech C90	Grupo 42
T.10-8/31-05		C-130H		Grupo 31
TR.12D-79/37-63		C212CC60	Ala 37
T.19B-03/35-21		CN235EA02	Ala 35
T.19B-19/35-37		CN235EA02	Ala 35
T.21-04/35-42		C295		353 Esc
UD.13-28/43-28/1122	CL-215T		Grupo 43
EC-ERP			C.1131E		ex E.3B-321
EC-FNM			N2S		as USAAF "8089"

Main static:
AE.9-029/23-18		SF-5B+		Ala 23              
C.14-40/14-21	        Mirage F1M	Ala 14      
C.15-44/12-02	        EF-18A+		Ala 12              
C.16-20/11-91	        EF2000		EADS/Ala 11	IPA4
E.25-88/74-39	        C101EB01	Grupo 74    
HT.17-06/ET-406	        CH-47D		BHELTRA V           
HD.21-3/803-3	        AS332B	        803 Esc     
HE.24-4/78-04	        S76C	        781 Esc     
HE.25-7/78-26	        EC120B	        782 Esc     
(VA.1B-30)/01-919	EAV-8B+	        Eslla 009

Display hangar:
E.24A-16/42-23		Beech F33C	Grupo 42

Ramp far side:
E.22-02/42-31		Beech C90	Grupo 42
T.19A-01/35-60	        CN235EA01	Ala 35  
T.19B-05/35-23	        CN235EA02	Ala 35  
T.19B-10/35-28	        CN235EA02	Ala 35  
T.19B-16/35-34	        CN235EA02	Ala 35  
T.19B-17/35-35	        CN235EA02	Ala 35  
T.19B-20/35-38	        CN235EA02	Ala 35  

SAR alert:
HD.21-6			AS332B		803 Esc	also flying

C.14-42/14-23		Mirage F1M	Ala 14
C.15-49/12-07		EF-18A+		Ala 12
E.25-14/1, E.25-22/2	C101EB		Team Aguila
E.25-25/3, E.25-40/4	C101EB		Team Aguila
E.25-23/5, E.25-06/6	C101EB		Team Aguila
E.25-13/7, E.25-01/-	C101EB		Team Aguila
HE.25-15/78-34		EC120B		782 Esc
T.19B-12/35-30		CN235EA02	Ala 35
T.19B-13/35-31		CN235EA02	Ala 35
T.19B-14/35-32		CN235EA02	Ala 35
VA.1B-39		EAV-8B+		Eslla 009
Number "4" of Team Aguila touched the "2" during the display, damaging
both aircraft, but without causing serious troubles. The display was
aborted and all aircraft landed safely.

Hangar Grupo 42:
E.24A-07/42-07		Beech F33C	Grupo 42
E.24A-11/42-11	        Beech F33C	Grupo 42
E.24A-18/42-24	        Beech F33C	Grupo 42
E.24A-23/42-17	        Beech F33C	Grupo 42
E.24A-02/42-02	        Beech F33C	Grupo 42
E.24A-03/42-03	        Beech F33C	Grupo 42
E.24A-14/42-22	        Beech F33C	Grupo 42
E.24A-29/42-27	        Beech F33C	Grupo 42

Hangar Ala 35:
T.19B-04/35-22		CN235EA02	Ala 35
T.19B-11/35-29	        CN235EA02	Ala 35
T.21-02/35-40	        C295		353 Esc       

Platform Airbus/EADS:
T.19B-08/35-26		CN235EA02	Ala 35             
T.21-01/35-39	        CASA 295	353 Esc            
T.21-03/35-41	        CASA 295	353 Esc            
T.21-05/35-43	        CASA 295	353 Esc	also flying
T.21-06/35-44	        CASA 295	353 Esc	also flying
EC-295		        CASA 295	EADS/CASA          
EC-296		        CASA 295	EADS/CASA          

CASA Factory:
T.7-19/351-02		C207C		preserved

Flying only:
UD.13-17/431-17		CL-215T		Grupo 43
1x			KC-130H		Grupo 31

EC-DUM "793-25"		T-6G		ex E.16-198
EC-DUN "793-19"		T-6G		ex E.16-201
EC-DXR "203-50"		HA200D		AE.10B-50
EC-IAI, EC-IAJ, EC-IAK	Yak-52		Club Jacob
EC-IAM, EC-IAN		Yak-52		Club Jacob

T.4-8/35-08		C-54E		preserved

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