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Karlsborg 1979

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Date: 10 June 1979

Made by: Ralph Lunt, Airshows 1979 (Midland Counties Publications)


37303/03	JA-37
37035/35	AJ-37		F6
37815/54	Sk-37		F15
37961/12	SF-37		F13
35524/48	J-35FII		F13
35804/73	Sk-35C		F16
35902/02	S-35E		F11
60024/24	Sk-60C		F5
32545/31	J-32B		F13

Hangar display:
37104/17	AJ-37		F6
32259/43	A-32A		possibly for preservation

37103/18	AJ-37		F6
37107/20	AJ-37		F6
37025/25	AJ-37		F6
50003/71	Sk-50B		F6
50049/72	Sk-50B		F6
50039/73	Sk-50B		F6
50043/74	Sk-50B		F6

Flight line:
02409/92	Hkp-2		F6
0342/92		Hkp-3		F10
37006/06	AJ-37		F15
37082/27	AJ-37		F15
35414/27	J-35FII		F16
35469/69	J-35FII		F16

Derelict on airfield:
32210/39	A-32A		ex F6
...../11	A-32A		ex F6
...../31	A-32A		ex F6
...../42	J-35		ex F16

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