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Kristianstad 1999

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Date: 15 August 1999

Made by: Tommy Johansson


145         AB 412 SP           720 sqn                         white c/s, c/n 33145
660         F16A                334 sqn                         c/n 6K-32
712         F16B                331 sqn                         c/n 6L-14
B-74        Bo105CB             299 sqn 
J-885       F16B                323 sqn(?)  
ZD406/35    Harrier GR7         RAF
XV221/221   C-130  Hercules     RAF                             c/n 4251
ZE2??/AY    Tornado F3          RAF
XX???       Hawk                Red Arrows

Static and Flying:
04076 /76   Hkp4D (BV-107 II)   HkpWing/3rd Hkp Battalion       c/n 408
06045 /45   Hkp6B (AB-206)      HkpWing/3rd Hkp Battalion       c/n 8204
09216 /16   Hkp9A (BO-105 C3)   HkpWing/4th Hkp Battalion
010409/99   Hkp10 (AS332)       HkpWing/3rd Hkp Battalion
29670/yR    J29F                F10                             SE-DXB
37416/36    JA37D Viggen        F17  
39162/62    AS39A Gripen        G(F7) 
60101/101   Sk60                F5 mks  
84002/842   Tp84                F7                              c/n4332

L-13        PC7                 EMVO
ZE294/AS    Tornado F3
ZD402/31    Harrier GR7
FA120       F16A                10 wing
FA124/BL    F16A                10 wing
AT05        Alpha Jet           BAF                             special c/s
AT..        AlphaJet            BAF                             blue/white c/s
plus the Red Arrows with Hawk T1/T1As.

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