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Ronneby 2014

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Ronneby Air Show
Date: 1 June 2014
E-604 F-16AM n.m. / Esk727  
ET-614 F-16BM n.m. / Esk730 grey c/s, 2288
10408/98 Hkp10B 1.Hkpskv grey c/s, 13765
15035/35 Hkp15B 2.Hkpskv  
39221/221, 39284/284 JAS39C F17  
39836/836 JAS39D FC  
60123/123 Sk60A F17 grey c/s, 1096
144051/51 Hkp14D 2.Hkpskv 703821
161229/04 Hkp16A 2.Hkspkv 91-370
PH-RLD Saab 91D ex RLD 31542
SE-JRK/004 AW139 Sjöfartsverket F5 mks
SE-LAR Sk50 ex 50061/61 91-250
SE-LDD Sk50 ex 50038  
The Hkp16 was moved to the helicopter area in the afternoon.
Hangar at static (open);
15036/36 Hkp15B 2.Hkpskv  
J-5002 F/A-18C n.m. $
J-5017 F/A-18C FlSt17  
39210/210, 39222/222 JAS39C F17  
39224/224, 39233/233 JAS39C F17  
39247/247, 39287/287 JAS39C F17  
39826/826, 39840/840 JAS39D F17  
SE-DXU(28DXU) Vampire T55 as S yellow, ex U-1238  
SE-JOJ/906 S76++ Sjöfartsverket  
Platform behind flightline:
10411/88 Hkp10A 3.Hkpskv grey c/s
15033/33 Hkp15B 2.Hkpskv Team 60 mks
60062/62 Sk60A FlygS ex U-1212
SE-DXT Vampire T55 as A yellow  
Hangar behind platform (closed):
39134,134, 39143/143 JAS39A std  
39202/202, 39204/204 JAS39A std  
39805/805 JAS39B std  
60086/86*, 60136/136 Sk60A/B* status unknown  
Historical flightline:
100008/008 Tp100C TSFE  
G-PBYA PBV-1A as 433915 USAAF  
N428B T-28B ex 137696/2G-133  
SE-BIL P-51D ex 405 El Salvador  
SE-BIR Spitfire MkXVI ex RW386/D-NG ‘Snoopy’
SE-CHP Sk16B ex 16269 F10 mks
SE-DXB J29F ex 29670/R  
SE-DXM Hunter F58 as 34034/G, ex J-4082 F7 mks
SE-DXN AJS37 ex 37098/52 F10 mks
SE-DXP Sk35C ex 35810/810 F9 mks
SE-FUD Sk16A ex 16068/71  
SE-FUZ Sk16A as 42-12279, ex 16144 F1 mks
SE-FVU Sk16A ex 16073/73 F5 mks
SE-FVX Sk61D ex 61025/25 F5 mks
SE-IGL Sk50 ex 50053/53 F5 mks
SE-IIL Sk50 ex 50011/90 F5 mks
SE-KVU Sk50 ex 50018/18 F5 mks
SE-KXG Sk60E MT ex 60140/140 F8 mks
SE-KYA Sk50C ex 50080/80 F1 mks
SE-MEF Sk50 ex 50083/83  
Helicopter flightline:
10410/90 Hkp10A 3.Hpkskv grey c/s
15037/37 Hkp15B 2.Hkpskv grey c/s
15040/40 Hkp15B 2.Hkpskv green c/s, 1028
142044/44 Hkp14B 1.Hkpskv grey c/s, 1169
144054/54 Hkp14D 3.Hkpskv  
SE-JIR Hkp5B ex 05245/45  
SE-JIS Hkp5B ex 05246/46 2.HD mks
SE-HGX Hkp6B ex 06054/54 2.HD mks
SE-JVB Hkp6B ex 06048/48  
Near civil terminal:
84001/841 Tp84 TSFE  
SE-ASU L-4H ex 43-30417/A-46  
SE-BEN L-4H ex 44-79672/X-24  
At aeroclub:
SE-CAB Saab 91B-2 ex 334 Norway code C in tail
SE-IRN Saab 91D ex PH-RCL  
Preserved on base:
06049/49 Hkp6B next to hangar F17 mks
32151/B A32A at gate  
06047/47 Hkp6B 2.HD mks F10 mks
35510 J35F front fuselage F10 mks
35532/32 J35J upside down  
35901/08 S35E upside down F15 mks
37087/45 AJS37 splinter camo F17 mks
37304/01 JA37 nose sect. only  

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