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Stockholm-Skavsta 2001

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Date: 25 August 2001

Made by: Scramble


5701		Do228-LM	MFG3, c/n 8185
220/K		AB204B		i/a ex RNethNavy
PL-50YG		M20 Mewa	c/n 1AH002-15
89001/891	Sh89		2.HkpBat/nmk
ES-PLW		L.410		Lennusalk Piirivalve
G-SFPA		CeF406
G-TASK		Ce404		MCA
LY-AVR		Cutlass RGII
OH-MVO		Do228-212	Frontier Guard
PH-MNZ		Do228-212	Kustwacht
SE-002		SAAB 2000	SAAB
SE-DHP		Lj35A		SAAB Nyge Aero
SE-GMM		CeF337G		Kustbevakningen
SE-ILV		PA-28-181	Nyge Aero`, c/n 28.43426
SE-IVE/583	C212-200	Kustbevakningen
SE-KVG/587	C212CE		Kustbevakningen

Hangar Trygg-Flyg:
SE-LDB		C212CB		Trygg-Flyg
SE-LDG		C212CC		Trygg-Flyg

02409/92	Hkp2		i/a             
50007/76	Sk50	        i/a	F13 mks 
50051/72	Sk50	        i/a	F13 mks 
OY-HGD		H369D	        Helifly         
SE-HTZ		H369HS	        i/a             

SE-GHA		MU-2B-20	SAAB Nyge Aero 
SE-GHB	        MU-2B-20	SAAB Nyge Aero 
SE-ILR	        PA-46-500TP	SAAB Nyge Aero 
SE-JAH	        Schw269C	SAAB Helicopter

C-080		CL-604		Esk 721
MM62166/GF-14	ATR-42-400MP	Guardia di Finanza
240		Beech 200	T&T Sqn
EC-295		CN235		CASA
RA-02574	An-2
SE-CFP		DC-3C		ex SwedAF 79006         
SE-CHP	        AT-6A		ex SwedAF 16269         
SE-DXV	        Vampire T55	ex SwissAF U1221
SE-FUZ	        Sk16		ex SwedAF 16144         
SE-LAP	        Sk50		ex SwedAF 50085         
SE-LII	        Yak-52                          

F11 museum:
29902/B		S29C		F11 mks
32940/40	S32C		F11 mks
35916/16	S35E		F11 mks

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