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Dübendorf 1985

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Date: 30/31 August 1985

Made by: Willy Metze


V53                   SA315                        FL.STF. 
V68                   SA315                        FL.STF. 
V203                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V205                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V206                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V210                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V213                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V216                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V217                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V218                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V219                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V220                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V223                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V226                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V227                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V230                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V232                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V233                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V235                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V251                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V255                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V259                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V264                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V268                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V270                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V272                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V276                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V277                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V278                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V279                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V280                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V282                  SA316                        FL.STF. 
V601                  DO27B                        FL.STF. 
V607                  DO27B                        FL.STF. 
A803                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A805                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A809                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A810                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A813                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A817                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A820                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A821                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A822                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A823                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A825                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A829                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A839                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A840                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A841                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A847                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A849                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A853                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A855                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A858                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A861                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A864                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A865                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A866                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A867                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A868                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A872                  P3                           FL.STF. 
A873                  P3                           FL.STF. 
V612                  PC6.                         FL.STF. 
V613                  PC6.                         FL.STF. 
V615                  PC6.                         FL.STF. 
V617                  PC6.                         FL.STF. 
V618                  PC6.                         FL.STF. 
V619                  PC6.                         FL.STF. 
V621                  PC6.                         FL.STF. 
V622                  PC6.                         FL.STF. 
V623                  PC6.                         FL.STF. 
V631                  PC6.                         FL.STF. 
V634                  PC6.                         FL.STF. 
V635                  PC6.                         FL.STF. 
V637                  PC6.                         FL.STF. 
C403                  C3605                        FL.STF. 
C539                  C3605                        FL.STF. 
C550                  C3605                        FL.STF. 
C557                  C3605                        FL.STF. 
A905                  PC7                          FL.STF. 
A906                  PC7                          FL.STF. 
A907                  PC7                          FL.STF. 
A913                  PC7                          FL.STF. 
A925                  PC7                          FL.STF. 
A931                  PC7                          FL.STF. 
A938                  PC7                          FL.STF. 
A713                  TWIN BONANZA                 TRANSP.FL.KORPS 
A701                  JU.52                        TRANSP.FL.KORPS 
A702                  JU.52                        TRANSP.FL.KORPS 
A703                  JU.52                        TRANSP.FL.KORPS 
U238                  T-6                          ?? 
J1101                 VAMPIRE FB.6                 FL.STF. 
J1105                 VAMPIRE FB.6                 FL.STF. 
J1133                 VAMPIRE FB.6                 FL.STF. 
J1135                 VAMPIRE FB.6                 FL.STF. 
U1205                 VAMPIRE T.55                 FL.STF. 
U1211                 VAMPIRE T.55                 FL.STF. 
U1213                 VAMPIRE T.55                 FL.STF. 
U1214                 VAMPIRE T.55                 FL.STF. 
U1223                 VAMPIRE T.55                 FL.STF. 
U1224                 VAMPIRE T.55                 FL.STF. 
J4022                 HUNTER F.MK.58               PATR.DE SUISSE 
J4025                 HUNTER F.MK.58               PATR.DE SUISSE 
J4026                 HUNTER F.MK.58               PATR.DE SUISSE 
J4027                 HUNTER F.MK.58               PATR.DE SUISSE 
J4028                 HUNTER F.MK.58               PATR.DE SUISSE 
J4029                 HUNTER F.MK.58               PATR.DE SUISSE 
J4031                 HUNTER F.MK.58               PATR.DE SUISSE 
J4032                 HUNTER F.MK.58               PATR.DE SUISSE 
J4003                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4007                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4008                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4009                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF.4 
J4010                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4012                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4023                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4035                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4037                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4041                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4044                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4049                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4052                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4057                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4061                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4062                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4063                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4065                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4066                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4072                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4077                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4082                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4091                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4092                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4093                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4094                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4096                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF. 
J4104                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
J4106                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
J4114                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
J4115                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
J4116                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
J4118                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
J4119                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
J4123                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
J4126                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
J4128                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
J4129                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
J4130                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
J4131                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
J4132                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
J4133                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
J4147                 HUNTER F.MK.58A              FL.STF. 
R2101                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2102                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2103                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2105                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2106                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2107                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2108                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2109                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2110                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2112                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2113                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2115                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2116                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2117                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2118                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
J2306                 MIRAGE IIICS                 FL.STF.16/17 
J2308                 MIRAGE IIICS                 FL.STF.16/17 
J2311                 MIRAGE IIICS                 FL.STF.16/17 
J2322                 MIRAGE IIICS                 FL.STF.16/17 
J2333                 MIRAGE IIICS                 FL.STF.16/17 
J2334                 MIRAGE IIICS                 FL.STF.16/17 
J2335                 MIRAGE IIICS                 FL.STF.16/17 
J3002                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3010                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3011                 F-5E                         FL.STF.11/18 
J3014                 F-5E                         FL.STF.11/18 
J3015                 F-5E                         FL.STF.11/18 
J3016                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3020                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3021                 F-5E                         FL.STF.11/18 
J3025                 F-5E                         FL.STF.11/18 
J3026                 F-5E                         FL.STF.11/18 
J3027                 F-5E                         FL.STF.13/19 
J3028                 F-5E                         FL.STF.13/19 
J3029                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3030                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3031                 F-5E                         FL.STF.13/19 
J3034                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3036                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3037                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3038                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3039                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3042                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3047                 F-5E                         FL.STF.13/19 
J3050                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3051                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3068                 F-5E                         FL.STF.13/19 
J3069                 F-5E                         FL.STF.13/19 
J3070                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3073                 F-5E                         FL.STF.13/19 
J3074                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3075                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3076                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3077                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3078                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3081                 F-5E                         FL.STF.13/19 
J3082                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3083                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3085                 F-5E                         FL.STF.13/19 
J3087                 F-5E                         FL.STF. 
J3209                 F-5F                         FL.STF. 
J3210                 F-5F                         FL.STF. 

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