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Magadino 1984

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Date: 27 September 1984

Made by: John Dyer


V-62  		Alouette II
V-229 		Alouette III
C-499 		C-3605
C-523 		C-3605
C-525 		C-3605
C-533 		C-3605
V-612 		PC-6B
V-617 		PC-6B
V-622 		PC-6B
A-902 		PC-7
A-904 		PC-7
A-905 		PC-7
A-906 		PC-7
A-908 		PC-7
A-909 		PC-7
A-911 		PC-7
A-912 		PC-7
A-914 		PC-7
A-915 		PC-7
A-916 		PC-7
A-917 		PC-7
A-918 		PC-7
A-922 		PC-7
A-923 		PC-7
A-928 		PC-7
A-933 		PC-7
A-936 		PC-7
A-937 		PC-7
A-801 		Pilatus P-3
A-807 		Pilatus P-3
A-834 		Pilatus P-3
A-839 		Pilatus P-3
A-853 		Pilatus P-3
A-868 		Pilatus P-3

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