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Payerne 1984

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Date: 28 September 1984

Made by:


V-240 		Alouette III
J-3074 		F-5E
J-4043 		Hunter F58
J-4077 		Hunter F58
J-2311 		Mirage IIIS 		16/17Sqdns
V-630 		PC-6B
A-938 		PC-7
A-846 		Pilatus P-3

Hangar 1:
J-3014 		F-5E
J-3037 		F-5E
J-3058 		F-5E
J-3061 		F-5E
J-3062 		F-5E
J-3064 		F-5E
J-4003 		Hunter F58
J-4032 		Hunter F58
J-4038 		Hunter F58
J-4048 		Hunter F58
J-4054 		Hunter F58
J-4127 		Hunter F58A
J-4131 		Hunter F58A

Flightline outside hangar 1:
J-3022 		F-5E
J-3043 		F-5E
J-3063 		F-5E
J-3072 		F-5E
J-3073 		F-5E
J-3075 		F-5E

Hangar 5:
J-4037 		Hunter F58
J-4087 		Hunter F58
J-4133 		Hunter F58A

Flightline outside hangar 5:
J-4017 		Hunter F58
J-4036 		Hunter F58
J-4063 		Hunter F58
J-4081 		Hunter F58
J-4111 		Hunter F58A
J-4116 		Hunter F58A
J-4140 		Hunter F58A

Alert barns:
J-2309 		Mirage IIIS		16/17Sqdns
J-2313 		Mirage IIIS		16/17Sqdns
J-2315 		Mirage IIIS		16/17Sqdns
J-2318 		Mirage IIIS		16/17Sqdns
J-2324 		Mirage IIIS		16/17Sqdns
J-2325 		Mirage IIIS		16/17Sqdns
J-2327 		Mirage IIIS		16/17Sqdns
J-2329 		Mirage IIIS		16/17Sqdns
J-2330 		Mirage IIIS		16/17Sqdns
J-2334 		Mirage IIIS		16/17Sqdns
U-2001 		Mirage IIIBS
J-2011 		Mirage IIIDS

Far side:
V-242 		Alouette III
C-552 		C-3605
C-557 		C-3605
J-3005 		F-5E
J-3030 		F-5E
J-3032 		F-5E
J-3039 		F-5E
J-3042 		F-5E
J-3069 		F-5E
J-3076 		F-5E
J-3202 		F-5F
J-3211 		F-5F
J-4129 		Hunter F58A
J-4206 		Hunter T68
J-2304 		Mirage IIIS
J-2317 		Mirage IIIS
V-616 		PC-6B
A-919 		PC-7
A-803 		Pilatus P-3
A-812 		Pilatus P-3
A-828 		Pilatus P-3
A-837 		Pilatus P-3
A-857 		Pilatus P-3
A-862 		Pilatus P-3
U-1234 		Vampire T55

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