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Payerne 1995

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Date: 6 October 1995

Made by: Scramble


J-2309, J-3047        F-5E        nb
J-3030, J-3058        F-5E        nb
J-3056, J-3027        F-5E        nb
V-210, V-215, V-218   SE3160      nb
V-229, V-249, V-257   SA316B      nb

Inside maintenance hangar:
J-3004, J-3026        F-5E        nb
J-3031                F-5E        FlSt13
J-3033, J-3051        F-5E        nb
J-3054                F-5E        nb
J-3062, J-3072        F-5E        FlSt13/19
J-3073                F-5E        FlSt13/19

Inside shelters/flying:
J-2001                Mirage 3DS   nb
J-2301, J-2304        Mirage 3S    nb
J-2305                Mirage 3S    nb
J-3038, J-3064        F-5E         nb
J-3212                F-5F         nb

Inside hangar 3:
J-3096                F-5E         nb

F-5 flightline north east side of field:
J-3040, J-3044        F-5E         nb
J-3075, J-3086        F-5E         nb
J-3098                F-5E         nb
J-3209, J-3211        F-5F         nb

Visitors platform/flying:
V-613, V-614, V-623   PC-6         nb
A-904, A-919, A-938   PC-7         nb
C-401                 PC-9         nb
J-2303, J-2319        Mirage 3S    nb
J-3016                F-5E         nb
V-221                 SE3160       "Les Alouettes"
V-225, V-235, V-265   SA316B       "Les Alouettes"

J-2333                Mirage 3S    nb
J-3090                F-5E         Patrouille Suisse

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