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Payerne 1997

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Date: 10 October 1997

Made by: MAR, Scramble, Kevin Hall


J-2004  	Mirage IIIDS  	Unmarked
J-2311, J-2313	Mirage IIIS  	FlSt 16
J-2319, J-2322	Mirage IIIS  	FlSt 16
J-2324, J-2335	Mirage IIIS  	FlSt 16
J-3002  	F-5E  		FlSt 11
J-3008, J-3061	F-5E 		Unmarked
J-3069		F-5E 		Unmarked
J-3209, J-3211	F-5F		Unmarked
J-5002  	F/A-18C 	FlSt 17
T-313   	AS-332M		Unmarked
V-226, V-256	Alouette III
V-259		Alouette III

Display  Hangar:
J-3025  	F-5E  		FlSt 11
J-3034  	F-5E  		FlSt 13
J-3062  	F-5E 		Unmarked
V-201, V-227	Alouette III
V-248, V-254	Alouette III

J-5004  	F/A-18C 	FlSt 17
J-5231, J-5232	F/A-18D		FlSt 17
J-5233, J-5234	F/A-18D		FlSt 17

C-403  		PC-9  		FlSt 12
J-1156  	Vampire FB.6  	Preserved
J-3033  	F-5E  		FlSt 19
J-3203  	F-5F  		Unmarked
T-317, T-318	AS-332M		Unmarked
V-210, V-250
V-268, V-277	Alouette IIIs
J-3049, J-3056	F-5E
J-3069, J-3074	F-5E
J-3077		F-5E
A-903, A-909	PC-7		Display Team
A-910, A-913	PC-7		Display Team
A-914, A-916	PC-7		Display Team
A-922, A-927	PC-7		Display Team
A-928, A-934	PC-7		Display Team

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