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Payerne 2004

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Date: 4 September 2004

Made by: Scram

Updated: 14 June 2005

Technical school:
J-4045			Hunter F58	preserved

Static East:
U-240			S61A-1		Esk 722         
43+46	                Tornado IDS	AG51    
84+45	                CH-53GS		HFR25           
86+55	                Bo105P1	        HFUS14          
86+66	                Bo105P	        HFVS910		spec mks
LJ-1	                Lj35A	        TukiLLv         
71760	                F-4E	        339 MPK         
MM81252/E.I.875		A109EOA-2	48ºgr.sqd.c.A.
MM7087/6-36		Tornado IDS	102°Gr
D-662			CH-47D		298sq                            
306	                F-16BM	        MLU OT&E team            
671	                F-16AM	        338skv		tiger mks        
5S-TA	                SC-7-3M	        FlRgt 1                  
09	                J35Ö	        Fl Rgt 2/1               
GF-16	                Saab 105Ö	Fl Rgt 3	tiger mks
15236,15247		Alpha Jet A	103/301 Esq
T.21-02/35-40		CASA 295	353 Esc
6050			Mi-24DU		231.vrl
ZJ122/F			Merlin HC3	28sq
166614/AA-105		F/A-18F		VFA-103            
39139/139		JAS39A	        F17                
A-925			PC-7	        Pilotenrekrutensch.
C-401	                PC-9	        ZflSt12            
J-2324	                Mirage 3S	stored         
J-3083	                F-5E		Patrouille Suisse      
J-5016	                F/A-18C		nb                     
T-321	                AS332M-1	nb/SAR         
T-339	                AS532UL		LtSt6                  
T-721	                Beech 350C	BFLandestopogr.
V-246	                SE316B		nb                     
V-619	                PC-6B2-H2	LTSt7          
HB-JRB	                CL-601		REGA                   
HB-ZRE	                EC-445		REGA                   
N707AR	                B707-321B	OMEGA tanker   

Static West:
AT18			Alpha Jet 1B	1w		spec mks
E-193	                F-16AM		Esk 727                 
ET-198	                F-16BM		Esk 730		spec mks        
E94/1/F-TERH		Alpha Jet E	Patr de France
J-1157			Vampire FB6	pres     
J-1584	                Venom FB50	pres     
J-2012	                Mirage 3BS	stored   
J-2334	                Mirage 3S	stored   
J-3205	                F-5F		nb               
J-4003	                Hunter F58	pres     
J-5233	                F/A-18D		nb               
R-2107	                Mirage 3RS	pres     
U-1211	                Vampire T55	pres     
V-607	                Do27H-2		RLA              
HB-MKR	                Bü133		private          
HB-RAI	                Dewoitine D26	as "284" 
HB-RAR	                Pilatus P2-06	ex U-136 
HB-RCY	                Pilatus P3-05	ex A-822 
HB-RVC	                Venom FB50	ex J-1631
HB-UVC	                Bü131		private          
N212MC "299186"		OY-1		pres, ex USN 18177

Static/flightline runway:
MT13, MT48		CM170		1w		spec mks
87+80			Bo105P1		HEER             
36/BI	                Mirage 4P	ERS01.091
301	                Rafale B	Dassault 
MM81429/E.I.959		A129CBT		7 reggimento
HB-HZA, HB-HZB		PC-21		Pilatus

Sk60Es of Team 60:
60033/33		60061/61		60062/62
60088/88		60096/96		60098/98
60125/125		60139/139

MB339As of the Frecce Tricolori:
MM54505/0	MM54500/1	MM54480/2	MM54536/3
MM54546/4	MM54486/5	MM55052/6	MM54543/7
MM54473/8	MM54477/9	MM54475/10

F-5E Tigers of the Patrouille Suisse:
J-3086/1	J-3081/2	J-3090/3	J-3087/4
J-3091/5	J-3082/6	J-3085

PC-7s of the Swiss PC-7 Team:
A-908	A-911	A-913	A-914	A-918	A-919
A-922	A-928	A-936	A-938

And the C101EB Aviojets of Team Aguila:
E.25-14/79-14/1	   E.25-21/79-21/2    E.25-26/79-26/3
E.25-52/79-34/4	   E.25-86/79-32/5    E.25-07/79-07/6
E.25-13/79-13/7	   E.25-22/79-22/-

L-39s of the Breitling Team:

Flightline/far side:
FA114, FA118		F-16AM		nb/31sm      
30+10			EF2000T	        JG73		box 8
HN-418,HN-443		F-18C	        nmk          
5140/61-PD		C-130H	        ET02.061     
21/5-OZ, 27/5-OH	Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
J-055			F-16AM		322sq
J-016			F-16AM		323sq		spec mks
ZD407/36		Harrier GR7	20(R)sq		spec mks 
ZG479/69	        Harrier GR7	20(R)sq          
86-0159/LN	        F-15C		493rd FS                 
86-0163/LN	        F-15C		493rd FS                 
166613/AA-104	        F/A-18F		VFA-103		box 4            
39146/146	        JAS39A		F17		box 5             
39148/148	        JAS39A		F17		box 6            
J-1142		        Vampire FB6	pres pole        
J-1156		        Vampire FB6	pres pole        
V-281		        SE316B		nb                       
V-612, V-614	        PC-6H-2	        nb               
V-620, V-633	        PC-6H-2	        nb               
J-3208, J-3211	        F-5F	        nb               
J-5006			F/A-18C	        nb		box 2
J-5009	                F/A-18C	        nb		box 1
HB-RVA	                Venom Mk1R	ex J-1630
HB-RVR	                Hunter T68	ex J-4201
HB-RVS "J-4015"		Hunter F58	ex J-4040
HB-RVV, HB-RVW		Hunter T68	ex J-4206, ex J-4203

And the Red Arrows with the following Hawk T1(#)/T1A/T1W($)s:
XX179$	XX227	XX233#	XX237#	XX260	XX264
XX266	XX292$	XX294#	XX306	XX308#

Hangar far side:
V-244			SE316B		nb

T-312/1, T-313/4	AS332M-1	nb
T-317/3, T-318, T-320/2	AS332M-1	nb
T-331/5, T-332		AS532UL		nmk
T-341, T-342		AS532UL		nmk
V-277			SE316B		nmk
HB-XWD			EC155(?)	REGA

Flying only:
471/93-CB		C-135FR		ERV00.093	(4th Sept.)
739/93-CK		C-135FR		ERV00.093	(5th Sept.)
N73544			L149		Breitling

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