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Samedan 2004

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Date: 17 July 2004

Made by: Scramble, Marco van Halum


A-906, A-908, A-910	PC-7		Pilotenrekrutensch.
A-911, A-913, A-918	PC-7	        Pilotenrekrutensch.
A-925, A-931 +2		PC-7	        Pilotenrekrutensch.
T-334			AS532UL	        LtSt6              
HB-FOT	                PC-12/45	Pilatus           
HB-HAO	                PC-7		Oerlikon-Contraves        
HB-IGY	                Falcon 900EX	Adv Aviation Serv.
HB-LOA	                P.68B		Mfg Oberengadin           
HB-UUH	                Bü131APM	Muller            
HB-XUA	                SA315B		Heli Bernina              
HB-XWJ	                A109K2	        Swiss Air-Ambulance
HB-ZDA, HB-ZDY		AS350B3	        Heli Bernina       
N101U			Ce525	        nn                 
N73544			L-1049F	        Sup Constell Flyers
RA-44572		Yak-52	        nn                 
(VP)-CNF		Ce525	        nn                 

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