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Sion 1997

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Date: 7 June 1997

Made by: Scramble


GB12                  Saab 105Ö    3St/FlR3
7711                  MiG-21MF     LZO/Czech AF
4591                  Tornado      AG51    		spec. mks
506/2-FC              Mirage 2000B EC02.002
690                   F-16B        338 skv
37431/31              JA37         F16/Swedish AF
J-2331                Mirage 3S    nb (FlSt 16)
J-3023                F-5E         nb     		06jun only
J-3057                F-5E         nb
J-3089                F-5E         Patrouille Suisse
J-5231, J-5232        F/A-18D      nb
R-2110                Mirage 3RS   FlSt 10
T-318                 AS332M1      nb
U-1211                Vampire T55  preserved
ZJ201                 Hawk 200     BAe             	*
79-0057/SP,84-0015/SP F-15C        53rd FS
161882/MD-04          EA-6B        VMAQ-3
HB-RVC                Venom FB50   'J-1631'
HB-RVT                Hunter F58   'J-4080'
HB-IJF                A320-214     Swissair      	arr
HB-XWG                A109K II     REGA
N80AT                 G.1159C

On Friday F-5E J-3023 was at the static, but this was replaced by J-3089
on Saturday (Patrouille Suisse c/s).
The French Mirage 2000B was towed to the south side prior to the demo of 
the Mirage 2000C. The Hawk 200 was parked on the south side, but was placed
in the static after its demo.
Also in the static were mock-ups of a JAS39 and a EF2000.

Flightline northside:
0147                  Mi-24V       331ltbvt/Czech AF
D-662                 CH-47D       298sq
S-444                 AS532U2      300sq
T-315                 AS332M1      nb            	arr
V-615                 PC-6/B2H2    nb
V-620, V-623, V-633   PC-6/B2H2    nb              	*
HB-ISB                C-47                   		arr/dep
HB-ISC                C-47B                  		arr/dep
HB-XBJ, HB-XKJ        Alouette 2
N707TJ, N5057V        Boeing A75N1  Crunchie       	*

AB206As of HG1: 
3C-JE, 3C-JI, 3C-JC, 3C-JD, 3C-JJ, 3C-JM.

PC-7s of the PC-7 team 1997: 
A-904, A-912, A-915, A-925, A-927, A-932, 
A-934, A-938, A-940, A-941.
Spare aircraft: A-941

PC-7s of Team Adecco:

EA300s of the Royal Jordanian Falcons: 
The JY-RNF gave a solo demo after the team performed its show.

Flightline southside:
BF16                  Saab 105Ö    3St/FlR3
4485                  Tornado      JBG33           	*
0816, 0834, 0839      Mi-24V       331ltbvt/CzechAF	*
3756                  MiG-21UM     LZO/Czech AF    	*
F217/64-GQ            C-160NG      ET064         	arr
342/F-RAEC            Falcon 20F   ETEC065
4/2-FP                Mirage 2000C EC02.002        	*
MM62026               Falcon 50    306øGr        	arr
MM62104/46-91         G222TCM      98øGr   		dep 06jun
J-623                 F-16A        322sq           	*
J-878                 F-16A        323sq
U-06                  Fokker 50    334sq
273                   F-16A        332 skv         	*
T.16-1/45-20          Falcon 50    Grupo 45
T.19-5/35-23          CN235EA02    Ala 35
37418/18              JA37         F16/Swedish AF
37432/32              JA37         F16/Swedish AF  	*
84002/842             Tp84         F7/Swedish AF   	*
J-1190                Vampire FB6  gate guard
T-324                 AS332M1      nb              	*
T-311, T-325          AS332M1      nb            	arr
V-215, V-224, V-259   SA3160S      nb              	*
V-260, V-269          SA3160S      nb
XV304                 Hercules C3  LTW           	dep
83-0501               C-20A        76th AS       	dep
F-GNYD, F-GNYE (+1)   CM170

Alpha Jet Es of Patrouille de France:
E73/0/F-TERP,  E140/1/F-TERD, E128/2/F-TERN,
E97/3/F-TERL,  E153/4/F-TERH, E141/5/F-TERA,
E120/6/F-TERG, E38/7/F-TERC,  E138/8/F-TERM,

MB339A/PANs of Frecce Tricolori:   MM54478/0,
MM54475/1, MM54551/2, MM54484/3,   MM54500/4,
MM54536/5, MM54473/8, MM54479/10,  MM54485/11,
MM54477/12 and MM...../9.

Remarkably, MM54477 was still wearing code 9 at Mildenhall, but
at Sion it was wearing code 12.

C101EBs of Patrulla Aguila:       E.25-07/79-07/1,
E.25-13/79-13/3, E.25-22/79-22/7, E.25-23/79-23/5,
E.25-27/79-27/2, E.25-52/79-34/8, E.25-86/79-32/6
and spare was E.25-40/79-40/4.

Hawk T1/T1As of the Red Arrows: XX227,  XX233,
XX237,  XX252,  XX253,  XX260,  XX306,  XX307,
XX308. Spare aircraft: XX294.

Garage hangar (southside):
R-2109                Mirage 3RS   FlSt 10         	*
R-2118                Mirage 3RS   FlSt 10
J-3011                F-5E         nb          		06jun
J-5233                F/A-18D      nb              	*

F-5Es of Patrouille Suisse: 
J-3081/1, J-3082/2, J-3088/3, J-3090/4, J-3091/5, J-3086/6

J-1080                Vampire FB6  stored
U-1222, U-1239        Vampire T55  stored
HB-RVH                Vampire FB6  'J-1103'
HB-RVI                Vampire T55  'U-1235'

Flying only:
HB-IGC                B747-357     Swissair

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