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Ching Chuan Kang 2007

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Date: 26 August 2007

Made by:


4301/62-12250 		F-104G
4147/61-3030 		TF-104G 	as 4147/61-12236
F-86071/25442 		F-86F
3325 			T-33A

1313/93-1313 		C-130H 		6th T/EWW        
1410/83-8022 	        F-CK-1A 	28th TFG/3rd TFW
1605/83-8015 	        F-CK-1B 	7th TFG/3rd TFW 
5292/00313 	        F-5E 		7th TFW            
5402/30128 	        F-5F 		7th TFW            
6632 		        F-16A 		22nd TFG/4th TFW  
6811 		        F-16B 		22nd TFG/4th TFW  
534/165341 	        AH-1W 		602nd AirBgd      
626/31035 	        OH-58D 		602nd AirBgd     
2039/Ei39 	        Mirage 2000Ei 	2nd TFW   
2051/Di01 	        Mirage 2000Di 	2nd TFW   
7012 		        S-70C 		SAR sq            
3444/84044 	        T-34C 		AF Academy        

1402/81-8008 		F-CK-1A 	7th TFG/3rd TFW
1406/82-8014 		F-CK-1A 	7th TFG/3rd TFW
1407/83-8016 		F-CK-1A 	7th TFG/3rd TFW
1437/84-8056 		F-CK-1A 	7th TFG/3rd TFW
1438/84-8058 		F-CK-1A 	7th TFG/3rd TFW

1414/83-8026 		F-CK-1A 	28th TFG/3rd TFW
1416/83-8030 	        F-CK-1A 	28th TFG/3rd TFW
1442/85-8063 	        F-CK-1A 	28th TFG/3rd TFW
1443/85-8064 	        F-CK-1A 	7th TFG/3rd TFW 
1450/85-8071 	        F-CK-1A 	28th TFG/3rd TFW
1451/85-8072 	        F-CK-1A 	7th TFG/3rd TFW 
1607/83-8019 	        F-CK-1B 	7th TFG/3rd TFW 
1609/83-8027 	        F-CK-1B 	7th TFG/3rd TFW 
6627 		        F-16A 		22nd TFG/4th TFW  
7305, 7306 	        CH-47SD 	AATC            
2007/Ei07, 2010/Ei10 	Mirage 2000Ei 	2nd TFW
2021/Ei21, 2022/Ei22 	Mirage 2000Ei 	2nd TFW
2025/Ei25, 2032/Ei32	Mirage 2000Ei 	2nd TFW
2055/Di05, 2057/Di07 	Mirage 2000Di 	2nd TFW
2060/Di10 		Mirage 2000Di 	2nd TFW
7005 			S-70C 		SAR sq

And the AT-3s of the Thunder Tigers:
0816/75-6016   0820/75-6020   0824/75-6024   0835/76-6035
0842/76-6042   0844/76-6044   0846/76-6046

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