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Ching Chuan Kang 2008

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Date: 20 January 2008

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1315/93-1315 		C-130H 		6th T/EWW
2505 			E-2T 		6th T/EWW
1416/83-8030 		F-CK-1A 	28th TFG/3rd TFW
1605/83-8015 		F-CK-1B 	7th TFG/3rd TFW
5275/91718 		F-5E 		7th TFW
5382/91725 		F-5F 		7th TFW
6635 			F-16A 		22nd TFG/4th TFW
6814 			F-16B 		22nd TFG/4th TFW
2012/Ei12 		Mirage 2000Ei 	2nd TFW
2060/Di10 		Mirage 2000Di 	2nd TFW
7014 			S-70C-1 	SAR sq
3410/84010 		T-34C-1 	AFA

0811/75-6011 		AT-3 		AFA               
0821/75-6021            AT-3            AFA    
0824/75-6024            AT-3            AFA    
0832/76-6032            AT-3            AFA    
0839/76-6039            AT-3            AFA    
0841/76-6041            AT-3            AFA    
0842/76-6042            AT-3            AFA    
1407/83-8016            F-CK-1A 	7th TFG/3rd TFW
1411/83-8023            F-CK-1A         7th TFG/3rd TFW
1417/83-8031            F-CK-1A         7th TFG/3rd TFW
1425/84-8043            F-CK-1A         7th TFG/3rd TFW
1431/84-8049            F-CK-1A         7th TFG/3rd TFW
1433/84-8051            F-CK-1A         7th TFG/3rd TFW

1305/85-0017 		C-130H 		6th T/EWW
1319/97-1319 		C-130H 		6th T/EWW

4189/63-8462 		TF-104G 	8th TFS/3rd TFW
The AT-3s on the flight line belong to the Thunder Tiger team.
Also present were the new Mirage 2000 and F-16 demo pilots.
Due to the low clouds, poor visibility and rain all flying displays
were cancelled.

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