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Pingtung 2007

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Date: 23 June 2007

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0821/75-6021	AT-3		AFA             
1313/93-1313	C-130H	        6th T/EWW       
2505		E-2C	        6th T/EWW       
6827		F-16B	        21st TFG/4th TFW
1623/87-8098	F-CK-1B	        9th TFG/1st TFW 
2060/Di10	Mirage 2000Di	2nd TFW
3420/84020	T-34C-1		AFA      
2221		S-2T	        133/134sq
7007		S-70C-1	        SAR sq   
548/165550	AH-1W	        AATC     
379/64-2079	UH-1H	        AATC     
7306		CH-47SD	        AATC     
633/80064	OH-58D	        AATC     

1316/93-1316	C-130H		6th T/EWW       
1317/97-1317	C-130H	        6th T/EWW       
1318/97-1318	C-130H	        6th T/EWW       
1319/97-1319	C-130H	        6th T/EWW       
1320/97-1320	C-130H	        6th T/EWW       
2506		E-2C	        6th T/EWW       
6618		F-16A	        21st TFG/4th TFW
6805, 6808	F-16B	        21st TFG/4th TFW
1455/86-8078	F-CK-1A	        3rd TFG/1st TFW 
1485/87-8114	F-CK-1A	        3rd TFG/1st TFW 
1613/84-8039	F-CK-1B	        1st TFG/1st TFW 
2218		S-2T	        133/134sq       

7273		C-47
3120/51-8070	C-119G		2sqn

3144		C-119G		wfu      
3204		C-119F	        wfu      
1306/85-0018	C-130H	        6th T/EWW
1308/85-0020	C-130H	        6th T/EWW
1311/85-0023	C-130H	        6th T/EWW
1312/85-0024	C-130H	        6th T/EWW

Hangar 609:
1303/85-0015	C-130H		6th T/EWW

Hall 6:
6907		H500MD		HSL501
3415/84015	T-34C-1		AFA	+2 (primer)

Hall 1:
7252		C-47		in several pieces
0744		A-CH-1B
3x		F-5E

Hall 3:
1x		AT-3		bare metal
1x		F-5E		bare metal
3x		F-5F		bare metal
The fighters were flying from their home bases. The Hercules 
took off, did one flypast and landed again. The flying program 
was repeated in the afternoon. I did not wait for this because I 
still had a long drive back to Taipei so I don't know if the same 
aircraft took part. Air Asia is doing maintenance work for the air 
force and has rented some hangars on the base. In these hangars, 
you could find aircraft in different stages of maintenance. Most 
of them had parts removed and were in bare metal and it was not 
possible to identify them.

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