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Sungshan 2007

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Date: 2 September 2007

Made by:


7231/15924 		C-47A

1906 			Beech 1900C-1 	VIP sq
1912 			Beech 1900C-1 	Calib sq
1313/93-1313 		C-130H 		6th T/EWW
2506/166419 		E-2T 		6th T/EWW
1605/83-8015 		F-CK-1B 	7th TFG/3rd TFW
6670 			F-16A 		26th TFG/5th TFW
6822 			F-16B 		26th TFG/5th TFW
5002 			Fokker 50 	VIP sq
2024/Ei24 		Mirage 2000Ei 	2nd TFW
2055/Di05 		Mirage 2000Di 	2nd TFW
7012 			S-70C-1 	SAR sq
0811/75-6011 		AT-3 		AFA
3444/84044 		T-34C-1 	AFA
Mirage 2024 and F-16 6670 were placed in hangars.

Far right side:
5001, 5003 		Fokker 50 	VIP sq
1901, 1902, 1903 	Beech 1900C-1 	VIP sq
1904, 1907, 1908 	Beech 1900C-1 	VIP sq
1909, 1910 		Beech 1900C-1 	VIP sq
1911 			Beech 1900C-1 	Calib sq

7302, 7304 		CH-47SD 	AATC
7003, 7006, 7010 	S-70C-1 	SAR sq

Formation fly-past in the morning:
6628, 6633, 6637, 6642 	F-16A 		22nd TFG/4th TFW
6814 			F-16B 		22nd TFG/4th TFW
1419/83-8033 		F-CK-1A 	7th TFG/3rd TFW
1427/84-8045 		F-CK-1A 	7th TFG/3rd TFW
1431/84-8049 		F-CK-1A 	7th TFG/3rd TFW
1439/84-8060 		F-CK-1A		7th TFG/3rd TFW
1443/85-8064 		F-CK-1A 	7th TFG/3rd TFW
2005/Ei05, 2021/Ei21 	Mirage 2000Ei 	2TFW
2025/Ei25, 2032/Ei32 	Mirage 2000Ei 	2TFW
2043/Ei43 		Mirage 2000Ei 	2TFW
0820/75-6020 		AT-3 		Thunder Tigers
0824/75-6024 		AT-3 		Thunder Tigers
0829/75-6029 		AT-3 		Thunder Tigers
0841/76-6041 		AT-3 		Thunder Tigers
0842/76-6042 		AT-3 		Thunder Tigers
0844/76-6044 		AT-3 		Thunder Tigers
0849/77-6049 		AT-3 		Thunder Tigers
The afternoon fly-past contained exactly the same aircraft,
except for F-CK-1A 1431/84-8049 that was replaced by 1401/

F-16 fly-past:
6668 			F-16A 		5th TFW
6675 			F-16A 		5th TFW
6676 			F-16A 		5th TFW
6821 			F-16B 		5th TFW

Mirage fly-past:
2003/Ei03 		Mirage 2000Ei 	2nd TFW
2007/Ei07 		Mirage 2000Ei 	2nd TFW
2010/Ei10 		Mirage 2000Ei 	2nd TFW
2060/Di10 		Mirage 2000Di 	2nd TFW

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