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Tainan 2013

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Tainan Air show
Date: 10-8-2013
1315/93-1315 C-130H 6th T/EWW  
1902 Beech 1900C-1 VIP sq  
2501 E-2K 6th T/EWW  
5395/30121 F-5F 7th TFW  
6830 F-16B 12th TRG/5th TFW  
1460/86-8084 F-CK-1C 9th TFG/1st TFW  
1624/87-8101 F-CK-1D 1st TFG/1st TFW  
2057/Di07 Mirage 2000Di 2nd TFW  
3435/84035 T-34C-1 AFA  
0822/75-6022 AT-3 AFA  
7007 S-70C-1 SAR sq  
629/80060 OH-58D AATC  
562/165564 AH-1W AATC  
7304 CH-47SD AATC  
2207 S-2T 133/134sq  
Inside Hangar:
5272/80874 F-5E 46th TFS/7th TFW  
0821/75-6021 AT-3 AFA  
1903, 1909 Beech 1900C-1 VIP sq  
1301/85-0013 C-130H 6th T/EWW  
1304/85-0016 C-130H 6th T/EWW  
1320/97-1320 C-130H 6th T/EWW  
1427/84-8045 F-CK-1A 7th TFG/3rd TFW  
1463/86-8088 F-CK-1C 9th TFG/1st TFW #
1489/88-8120 F-CK-1C 9th TFG/1st TFW #
1613/84-8039 F-CK-1D 1st TFG/1st TFW  
1626/88-8115 F-CK-1D 1st TFW  
2013/Ei13 Mirage 2000Ei 2nd TFW  
6637 F-16A 22nd TFG/4th TFW  
F-CK-1C/D* of 3rd TFG/1st TFW:
1465/86-8090, 1475/87-8103, 1495/88-8127, 1502/88-8134
1613/84-8039*, 1616/84-8057*, 1621/86-8085*
AT-3 of AFA:
0824/75-6024, 0829/75-6029, 0832/76-6032, 0836/76-6036
0842/76-6042, 0846/77-6046, 0847/77-6047
3343/57-0769 T-33 AFA colours  
0711/65-3011 A-CH-1 1st TFW markings  
6047/13394 F-86F 1st TFW markings  
9304/51-5133 O-1 1st TFW markings  
5157/50330 F-5E 1st TFW markings  
# ground spare airct
The Thunder Tigers celebrated their 60th birthday with an open house at Tainan Air Base. The gates opened around 07.15 hours and the people started pouring in. After an ID check the Taiwanese were allowed inside. Foreigners however were refused entry unless they had applied 1 month before. Nobody was aware of this policy and some foreigners had to stay outside. If you were inside early you could get some decent shots of the static under a clear blue sky and without too many people around the airct. The flying started with a single IDF for a weather check and after that a formation of 5 IDF’s from the locally based 1st TFW, the solo demos and finally the Thunder Tigers.


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