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Don Muang 2010

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Date: 10 January 2010

Made by:


F14-1/11 60420		T-41D(D)	604sq
F16-007/17 60436	CT/4A		604sq
F19-09/34 09		PC-9		2 FTS
(F20-2/52) L		DA42		604sq
H6-7/12 20337		UH-1H		203sq
J6-19/24 21111		A-37B		Tango sq
J7-5/43 23115		Alpha Jet A	231sq
JTh2-34/15 21307	AU-23A		501sq?
KhF1-38/39 40116	L-39ZA/ART	401sq
L2k-6/42 46156		BT-67		461sq
L5-6/26 60306		BAe-748-208	603sq
L8-6/31 60106		C-130H-30	601sq
L14-3/38 60309		G-222		603sq
T2-26/15 53182		O-1A		Tango sq
HS-RSJ			Cirrus SR-20
The DA42 was ex OE-UDL and c/n 42-384, but did not wear it's military colors yet.

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