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Takhli 2014

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Takhli Childrens Day 2014

Date: 11 January 2014

Takhli Childrens Day 2014 11 January 2014    
TL6-2/22 40202 SA226AT i/a  
F18-2/32 02 RFB400 preserved  
F14-1/11 60420 T-41D(D) 604 Sqn  
F16K-11/42 RR-11 CT/4A 1 FTS  
KhF1-37-39 40112 L-39ZA/ART 401 Sqn  
Kh19-29/38 40311 F-16A 403 Sqn  
Flight Line:
H6-3/11 20313 UH-1H 203 Sqn  
KhF1-1/37 40101 L-39ZA/ART 401Sq  
KhF1-5/37 40103 L-39ZA/ART 401Sq  
KhF1-19/37 40110 L-39ZA/ART 401Sq  
KhF1-38/39 40111 L-39ZA/ART 401Sq  
KhF1-16/37 40113 L-39ZA/ART 401Sq  
Kh-19K-21/38 40303/90034 F-16B 403Sq  
Kh-19K-22/38 40304/90035 F-16B 403Sq  
Kh19-30/38 40312/90025 F-16A 403sq  
4322 F-86 preserved, main gate  
Kh16-5/04 4309 F-84G preserved, exit gate  
4309 (fake) A-37B preserved, exit gate  
nn A-37 preserved, 4wing gate  
These preserved aircraft are a bit of a puzzle as our database has more aircraft preserved here on/around base. So no 100% tie ups are possible on these


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