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Kiev 2004

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Date: 18-21 September 2004

Made by: Scramble, Dmitriy


5A-DKL 19530502761	An-124-100	Libyan Air Cargo
CCCP-680125 0101	An-124		Aeroflot/wfu
RA-65606 (64)46300	Tu-134AK	Tupolev JSC
UR-09307 043482144	An-22A		Antonov OKB
UR-13395 2605		An-26		Antonov OKB
UR-14008 36525305032	An-140-100	Il'yich Avia		#	
UR-28768 1AJ004-17	An-28		Ukr Central Air Club
UR-48086 2901		An-32P		Aviant Kyiv		#
UR-64459 5340105	An-22PZ		Antonov OKB/std
UR-74010 36547030450	An-74T		Antonov OKB
UR-74038 36547097933	An-74TK-200	Antonov OKB		#
UR-82060 0101		An-225		Antonov OKB
94005 01005		Tu-334-100	Tupolev JSC
331 bk			Yak-52		Ukr Central Air Club
L-0619			Yak-52		Ukr Central Air Club
L-0241			Yak-55		Ukr Central Air Club
-- 9340203		An-22		ex Soviet AF	wreck
# = also seen at Svyatoshino during the airshow days.

85 rd 6344204		An-12BP		Ukraine AF/std
CCCP-780361 03		An-71		Antonov OKB
UR-01453 1G23141	An-2TP		preserved (1G184/83 on strut near tail)
UR-19495 7404201	Ka-26		ARP410 Airlines
UR-26175 (773)10810A	An-24RV-100	Aviant Kyiv
UR-46777 47301504	An-24B		Antonov OKB
UR-47297 (1730)6610	An-24RV		ARP410 Airlines
UR-48023 3409		An-32B		wfu
UR-79165 5409		An-26		Antonov OKB
UR-82008 19530501006	An-124-100M	Antonov OKB
UR-CLA 9731155		Yak-40K		Challenge Aero
UR-NTK 770102		An-70		Antonov OKB
- 36572010912?		An-72R		Antonov OKB

Aviant assembly shop (Kiev-Svyatoshino):
- 3507			An-32B		bare metal
- 3602	                An-32B	        bare metal
- 3603	                An-32B	        bare metal
- 3607	                An-32B	        bare metal
3x	                An-32	        bare metal, non complete aircraft

ANTK Antonov experimental shop (Kiev-Svyatoshino):
- 0101			An-148-100	bare metal	20th
- 0102	                An-148-100	bare metal	20th, non complete aircraft
- 0103	                An-148-100	bare metal	20th, non complete aircraft

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