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Abu Dhabi 1999

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Date: 14-16 March 1999

Made by:


IDEX '99: 
XZ721/CL350         Lynx HAS.3       ish HMS Cumberland. 
DU-111              SA.365N Dauphin  UAE A.F. 
114                 Puma             UAE A.F. 

Naval display, Port Zayed: 
Aboard NAVE EURO, F575: 
MM81098/7-53        AB.212ASW 
MM81176/7-59        AB.212ASW                           (grey c/s) 

Aboard COURBET, F712: 
505                 AS.565MA Panther 

Aboard TCG ORUCREIS, F245: 
TCB-35              AB.212ASW 

Aboard USS ANTIETAM, CG-54: 
165107/TZ47         SH-60B           HSL-45 
162980/TZ54         SH-60B           HSL-45 

Aboard USS BOXER, LHD-4: 
162499/PF21         CH-53E           HMM-364 
153952/PF00         CH-46E           HMM-364             spcl mks 
154831/PF01         CH-46E           HMM-364 
154039/PF02         CH-46E           HMM-364 
154040/PF05         CH-46E           HMM-364 
151933/VR74         HH-46D           HS-11 Det 7 
151927/VR77         HH-46D           HS-11 Det 7 

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