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Al Ain 2007

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Date: 28/29 January 2007

Made by:


03-02-809 		K-8 		PakistanAF
03-02-812 		K-8 		PakistanAF
63-9818/LDR 		T-37C 		Sher Dils/PakAF
75-0665/2 		T-37C           Sher Dils/PakAF
67-22547/3 		T-37C           Sher Dils/PakAF
75-0662/4 		T-37C           Sher Dils/PakAF
60-0172/5 		T-37C           Sher Dils/PakAF
60-0174/6 		T-37C           Sher Dils/PakAF
60-0171 		T-37C           Sher Dils/PakAF
63-9830 		T-37C           Sher Dils/PakAF
03, 04, 05, 06, 07 	MiG-29 		Team Stryyi
02 			MiG-29UB 	Team Stryyi
8806, 8811, 8812 	Hawk Mk65A 	88sq/Saudi Hawks
8807, 8808, 8810 	Hawk Mk65 	88sq/Saudi Hawks
8813, 8814 		Hawk Mk65 	88sq/Saudi Hawks
ZJ951 			Hawk Mk100 	BAE
431, 432, 435 		MB339A 		UAE AF
436, 437 		MB339A 		UAE AF
(434) 			MB339A 		UAE AF 		in hangar
901, 903, 904 		PC-7 		UAE AF
905, 906, 907 		PC-7            UAEAF 
910, 912, 915 		PC-7            UAE AF
916, 917, 920 		PC-7            UAE AF
921, 922, 925 		PC-7            UAE AF
926, 927, 929 		PC-7            UAE AF
930 			PC-7            UAE AF
(131)/1665 		SA342L 		UAE AF
(133)/1681 		SA342L          UAE AF
(134)/1723 		SA342L          UAE AF
(135)/1737 		SA342L          UAE AF
(136)/1748 		SA342L          UAE AF
(138)/1765 		SA342L          UAE AF
(141)/1822 		SA342L          UAE AF
1001 			Hawk T63A 	UAE AF          
1008 			Hawk T63B       UAE AF 		in hangar
1013 			Hawk T63B       UAE AF          
1020 			Hawk T63C       UAE AF          
1023? 			Hawk 		UAE AF in hangar
2240 			Ce208B 		UAE AF paradrop
2252 			Ce208B 		UAE AF paradrop
AF-4002 		Bell 412 	UAE AF
5X-JOE 			DC-10-30CF 	DAS Air Cargo
A6-FOX 			EC130-B 	private
A6-ZYD 			B707-3J6C 	Air Gulf Falcon
HB-FOT                  PC-12/45 	Pilatus         
HB-HZA                  PC-21 		Pilatus            
J2-KCB                  B747-238B 	Buraq Air      
J2-KCD                  B747-238B 	Buraq Air      
RA-76766 		IL-76MDK 	Gagarin Space

Training Centre:
RA-78816 		IL-76MD 	224th Flight Unit
RF-21512                Be-200ES 	Beriev          
UR-ZYD 			An-124 		a/w
The display codes of the T-37s of the Sher Dils team were
painted in small characters on the fuselage below the canopy.
Apparently these were applied specifically for this occasion,
as they were part of a three-line text. The first line was "Sher Dil
No.X" (X is the display code mentioned in the above list), the
second line was the name of the pilot and the third line was "Al
Ain air show 2007". The 63-9818 was flown by the Wing
Commander and was therefore marked "Sher Dil LDR".

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