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Biggin Hill 1970 (2)

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Date: 19 September 1970

Made by:

Updated: 8 September 2023 & 6 March 2024 Jean-Michel Schweitzer; 29 March 2024,

Biggin Hill sep70 CM.170 545 Pat de France

Patrouille de France attended the Biggin Hill Air Show with ten Fouga CM170 Magister jet trainers. Seen here is 545, coded 10. (L. Peacock Archive)

LF363 		Hurricane IIC 		Gate Guard      
LF738/LE-D      Hurricane IIC 		BofB Flight
PZ865           Hurricane IIC 		HSA             
P7350/ZH-T      Spitfire I 		BofB Flight   
MH434           Spitfire IX 		Rolls Royce       
SL674           Spitfire LFXVI 		Gate Guard     
PA474/KM-B      Lancaster I 		BofB Flight  
RR299/HT-E      Mosquito 		HSA             
VP978           Devon C1 		207Sqdn              
WD347/03	Chipmunk T10 		CFS/Skylark
WG364/07	Chipmunk T10 		CFS/Skylarkss
WG407/13	Chipmunk T10 		CFS/Skylarkss
WP844/02	Chipmunk T10 		CFS/Skylarkss
WZ847/01	Chipmunk T10 		CFS/Skylarkss
WZ873/E		Chipmunk T10 		London UAS  
WD480           Hastings C2 		RAE Farnborough
WF326/I         Varsity T1 		5FTS          
WL631/A         Varsity T1              5FTS
WL642/H         Varsity T1              5FTS
XE597/F         Hunter FGA9 		229OCU       
XE626/9         Hunter FR10 		229OCU       
XF321/728       Hunter T7 		FONFT        
XF384/72        Hunter F6               4FTS 
XF509/73        Hunter F6               4FTS 
XG158/E         Hunter FGA9 		229OCU       
XG207/C         Hunter FGA9             229OCU
XG254/K         Hunter FGA9             229OCU
XG502           Sycamore HR14 		32Sqdn       
XH538           Vulcan B2		Waddington Wing  
XL390           Vulcan B2 		Scampton Wing    
XH591           Victor BK1A 		55Sqdn         
XL660	        Britannia C1 		99/511Sqdns   
XM144           Lightning F1 		Wattisham TFF 
XM265           Canberra B(I)8 		16Sqdn      
XM358/70        Jet Provost T3 		CFS      
XP564/61	Jet Provost T4 		3FTS/Gemini
XR670/63	Jet Provost T4 		3FTS/Gemini
XS182/55	Jet Provost T4 		3FTS/Gemini
XP688/22	Jet Provost T4 		CAW/Macaws
XR654/34	Jet Provost T4 		CAW/Macaws
XS180/10	Jet Provost T4 		CAW/Macaws
XS211/14	Jet Provost T4 		CAW/Macaws
XS216/19	Jet Provost T4 		CAW/Macaws
XP805 		Beaver AL1 		132 Flight       
XP855/E-121     Sea Vixen FAW2 		899Sqdn
XR232           Alouette AH2 		667Sqdn        
XR362           Belfast C1 		53Sqdn           
XR569/08        Gnat T1 		4FTS             
XS713/C         Dominie T1 		6FTS           
XS730/H         Dominie T1 		6FTS           
XT907 		Phantom FGR2 		228OCU
XT914 		Phantom FGR2 		228OCU
XV407 		Phantom FGR2 		228OCU
XV461 		Phantom FGR2 		228OCU
XV108 		VC10 			10Sqdn           
XV157           Buccaneer S2 		12Sqdn   
XV223           Hercules C1 		30/47Sqdns
XV758           Harrier FGA1 		233OCU   
XW750           HS748 			RAE Farnborough 
527/1		CM170 			Patrouille de France
529/2		CM170 			Patrouille de France
534/3		CM170 			Patrouille de France
535/4		CM170 			Patrouille de France
536/5		CM170 			Patrouille de France
541/8		CM170 			Patrouille de France
542/9		CM170 			Patrouille de France
544/9		CM170 			Patrouille de France
545/10		CM170 			Patrouille de France
546/- 		CM170 			Patrouille de France
55-3665 	F-100D 			20TFW
64-1033/AT 	RF-4C 			10TRW
64-1060/AT 	RF-4C 			10TRW
64-1067/AT 	RF-4C 			10TRW
64-1080/AT 	RF-4C 			10TRW
67-14717 	HH-3E 			67ARRS

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