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Bovingdon 1960

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Date: 14 May 1960

Made by: Richard Greenfield


VM393		Anson		FCCS
WK551		Chipmunk
XM411		Jet Provost T3	CFS R-G
43-48892	AC-47D 		1858 AAC MATS
42-93181	SC-47A		7531ABS
53-7851		C-119		322AD
52-956		C-124		MATS
56-507		C-130A		322AD, also flying
52-6132		L-20		10TRW

WK979		Meteor F8		
48-094/49-353  	KB-50
53-494/54-446  	RB-66
43-49713	C-47D
53-5036/53-5057 T-33

VP519 		Anson		FCCS
XL657		Britannia
XK671		Comet C2	216 Sqn
XF507/A		Hunter F6  	65 Sqn
XE644/B		Hunter F6  	65 Sqn
XF443/E		Hunter F6  	65 Sqn
XF447/F		Hunter F6  	65 Sqn
WS848 		Meteor NF14	FCCS
WL347		Meteor T7	FCCS
WL436		Meteor T7	FCCS
WK986 		Meteor F8	FCCS
XF895		Provost T1	P-A CFS
XF708/O		Shackleton MR3  201 Sqn
WJ504		Valetta		FCCS
XD550		Vampire T11
XA901		Vulcan		230OCU
56-2978		F-100
56-0004		F-101
1x		B-66

F-101 Flyby (all 81st TFW):
54-1451	54-1476	54-1480	54-1482	54-1483
54-1484	54-1485	54-1486	56-0004	56-0006
56-0007	56-0017	56-0026	56-0027	56-0029
56-0030	56-0035	56-0036

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