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Jersey 1998

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Date: 17 September 1998

Made by: Simon Brooke


ZA947            Dakota C3        BBMF 
ZD404/33         Harrier GR7      RAF 
ZD433/45         Harrier GR7      RAF 
XV182            Hercules C1      Falcons 
PZ865            Hurricane        BBMF 
XX752            Jaguar GR1A      RAF 
XZ391            Jaguar GR1A      RAF 
PA474            Lancaster        BBMF 
XZ691/474        Lynx HMA8        815sq 
XZ693/301        Lynx HAS3        815sq 
XV260/60         Nimrod MR2       RAF 
ZA940            Puma HC1         RAF 
ZH102/02         Sentry AEW1      8sq 
PM631            Spitfire         BBMF 
ZA321/B-58       Tornado GR1      TTTE 
ZA322            Tornado GR1      TTTE 
XX227            Hawk T1A         Red Arrows 
XX233            Hawk T1          Red Arrows 
XX237            Hawk T1A         Red Arrows 
XX252            Hawk T1A         Red Arrows 
XX253            Hawk T1A         Red Arrows 
XX264            Hawk T1A         Red Arrows 
XX266            Hawk T1A         Red Arrows 
XX292            Hawk T1          Red Arrows 
XX306            Hawk T1A         Red Arrows 
XX307            Hawk T1          Red Arrows 
XX308            Hawk T1A         Red Arrows 
598              Su-27            LII 

G-AMPZ/KN442     C47              AAG 
G-EGUL           Christen Eagle 
G-IIII           Pitts 
'BM597'          Spitfire 
N707TJ           Stearman         Crunchies 
N5057V           Stearman         Crunchies 
N494TW           L749 Constellation 
LY-ALS           Yak-52 
OO-SOT/2442      Lysander 
G-MIII           Extra 
G-BEYF           Dart Herald EXS 
G-AORG           Heron 
G-APRF           Twin Pioneer     AAG 
G-SABR           F86A 
G-OMIG/6247      MiG-15 (Lim2) 
G-OTAF/2802      L-39 
F-GMEA           PC-7             Team Adecco 
F-GMEB           PC-7             Team Adecco 
F-GMED           PC-7             Team Adecco 
F-GMEE           PC-7             Team Adecco 
F-AZFX/316-KY    Flamant                                  c/n 282 
N320SQ/HD346     B25 
F-AZKM/9924      OV10 
N14113/51-7545   Fennec                                   c/n 119 
G-DELF/red 12    L-29 
G-VROE/WD4132    Anson            AAG 
G-BNPH/WV740     Pembroke 
D-FOXY           EKW C-3605 
G-MCEA           Boeing 757       AIH 

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