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Woodford 1999

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Date: 11/12 June 1999

Made by: Kevin Hall, Chris Berry, Jason Ganner, David Eade, Paul Dyson, Paul Adshead

Updated: 21 June 1999

XR379            Alouette II AH2 
ZE395            BAe125 
ZE701            BAe146 
XX539/L          Bulldog T1            Liverpool UAS 
XW865/O          Gazelle               Blue Eagles 
XZ349            Gazelle               Blue Eagles 
ZA777/B          Gazelle               Blue Eagles 
ZB673/P          Gazelle               Blue Eagles 
ZJ236/X          Griffin HT1           DHFS 
ZD321/02         Harrier GR7           20(R)Sqn 
ZD345/12         Harrier GR7           1 Sqn 
ZD404/33         Harrier GR7           20(R)Sqn 
XX729/EL         Jaguar GR1            16(R)Sqn 
XZ118/FF         Jaguar GR1/96         41 Sqn 
XZ318            Jaguar GR1 
XZ381/EC         Jaguar GR1/96         16(R)Sqn 
XX495/C          Jetstream T1          45(R)Sqn 
ZD281/K          Lynx AH7              671 Sqn 
XV245            Nimrod MR2 
XT626/Q          Scout AT1 
XT131            Sioux AH1 
ZJ275            Squirrel HT1          DHFS 
ZA322/TAC        Tornado GR1           15(R)Sqn 
ZA597/TA         Tornado GR1           15(R)Sqn 
ZA613/TL         Tornado GR1           15(R)Sqn 
ZE255/AY         Tornado F3            56(R)Sqn 
ZE295/AV         Tornado F3            56(R)Sqn 
ZE757/AR         Tornado F3            56(R)Sqn 
ZG751/AV         Tornado F3            56(R)Sqn 
ZG778/BG         Tornado F3            5 Sqn 
ZF406            Tucano T1 
E138/0           Alpha Jet E           Patrouille de France 
E153/1           Alpha Jet E           Patrouille de France 
E158/2           Alpha Jet E           Patrouille de France 
E121/3           Alpha Jet E           Patrouille de France 
E26/4            Alpha Jet E           Patrouille de France 
E141/5           Alpha Jet E           Patrouille de France 
E104/6           Alpha Jet E           Patrouille de France 
E151/7           Alpha Jet E           Patrouille de France 
E81/8            Alpha Jet E           Patrouille de France 
E128/9           Alpha Jet E           Patrouille de France 
475/312-JT       Emb312 Tucano         FAF 
479/312-JX       Emb312 Tucano         FAF 
484/312-UC       Emb312 Tucano         FAF 
496/312-UO       Emb312 Tucano         FAF 
R54/61-MZ        C-160                 FAF 
46+35            Tornado               GAF 
46+41            Tornado               GAF 
MM54547/0        MB339PAN              Frecce Tricolori 
MM54475/1        MB339PAN              Frecce Tricolori 
MM54517/3        MB339PAN              Frecce Tricolori 
MM54500/4        MB339PAN              Frecce Tricolori 
MM54536/5        MB339PAN              Frecce Tricolori 
MM54486/6        MB339PAN              Frecce Tricolori 
MM54480/7        MB339PAN              Frecce Tricolori 
MM54485/9        MB339PAN              Frecce Tricolori 
MM54542/10       MB339PAN              Frecce Tricolori 
MM54479/12       MB339PAN              Frecce Tricolori 
J-256            F-16A                 RNLAF 
J-259            F-16B                 RNLAF 
L-10             PC-7                  RNLAF, EMVO 
85-25485         AH-64A                RNLAF, 301 Sqn 
B-47             Bo105CB               RNLAF, 299 Sqn 
90-0023          F-16D                 Turkish AF, 161 Filo 
91-0006          F-16C                 Turkish AF, 161 Filo 
WK624            Chipmunk 
XW325            Jet Provost 
G-FRAS           Da20                  FRA 
G-MAYA/64        L-29A Delfin 
JY-RNA           Extra 300             R.J. Falcons 
JY-RND           Extra 300             R.J. Falcons 
JY-RNE           Extra 300             R.J. Falcons 
JY-RNG           Extra 300             R.J. Falcons 
G-BTPG           ATP 
N528XJ           BAe 146               Northwest Airlines 

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