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Andrews 1995

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Date: 20 May 1995

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78-0604/MD            A-10A        104th FS MD ANG
86-0105/DY            B-1B         28th BS "Snake Eyes"
60-0026/MT            B-52H        5th BW (wh/rd)
68-0214               C-5A         436th AW
86-0029               KC-10A       60th AMW
76-0168               C-12C        89th AW
77-22939              C-12C        HQ OSAC
93-0600               C-17A        437th AW
84-0078               C-21A        457th ALS
83-4615               C-22A        201st ALS DC ANG
63-7767/LK            C-130E       62nd ALS (blue)
63-9816               EC-130E      193rd SOS PA ANG
58-0053               KC-135R      314th ARS
63-8053/OF            EC-135C      55th Wing
65-0216               C-141B       459th AW AFRes
66-0153               C-141B       459th AW AFRes
76-1606               E-3B         552nd ACW
69-0241/WA            F-4G         561st FS
87-0171/SJ            F-15E        4th Wing
85-1475/DC-13         F-16C        121st FS "113 FW"
82-0805/HO            F-117A       9th FS "Flying  Knights"
62-12554              UH-1B        preserved
69-7537               UH-1N        89th AW
92-0332/RA            T-1A         99th FTS
59-0348/EN            T-37B        80th FTW
70-1567/LB            T-38A        64th FTW "54 FTS"
68-10338/BB           U-2R         9th RW
67-15843              AH-1F        1-224th AVN MD ARNG
69-15594              UH-1H        MDW
92-0544               OH-58D       B/1-17th CAV ex 85-24694
85-24429              UH-60A       nn
84-24287              AH-64A       nn
158032/CB-04          EA-6B        VMAQ-1
163889/NJ-641         EA-6B        VAQ-129
165094/JR-094         C-20G        VR-48
161550/AC-603         E-2C         VAW-126
161982/MG-06          F/A-18A      VMFA-321
162571/TV-29          AH-1W        HMLA-167
157681/19             VH-46D       HMX-1
157754/23             CH-53D       HMX-1
159514/LW-514         P-3C         VP-68
156733/A-922          T-2C         TW-1/VT-23
159714/A-935          T-2C         TW-1/VT-19
160481/E-481          T-34C        TW-5
164550/CG-36          AV-8B        VMA-231
1718                  HC-130H      USCG Clearwater

Flightline next to static:
85-1607               C-31A        Golden Knights
63-7808/LK            C-130E       50th ALS (red)
93-1041/LK            C-130E       61st ALS (green)
69-7556/WA            F-4G         561st FS
81-0050/FF            F-15C        94th FS
83-0033/FF            F-15C        27th FS
67-14920/EL           T-38A        28th BW CTP
160681/AD-136         F-14A        VF-101
160682/AD-142         F-14A        VF-101
162723/KD-25          AV-8B        VMAT-203
162738/KD-30          AV-8B        VMAT-203
6019                  HH-60J       Elizabeth City
Also the Thunderbirds were parked on the flightline.

Hangar 2:
1x                    MiG-21       nn

Hangar 4:
83-0496               C-12D        89th AW
UH-1N 89th AW:
69-6604, 69-6636, 69-6654, 69-6655, 69-6656, 69-7538

Hangar 5:
C-21A AFFSA (red)      : 84-0066, 84-0067
C-21A 457th ALS (blue) : 74-0073, 84-0075

Hangar 6:
72-7000, 85-6973      C-137C       89th AW

Hangar 7:
..-....               C-9C         89th AW

District of Columbia ANG area:
69-6659, 69-6661      UH-1N        89th AW

District of Columbia ANG hangars:
86-0376, plus one     C-21A        201st ALS 
83-4616, plus one     C-22A        201st ALS
UH-1N 89th AW :
69-6618, 69-6630, 69-6633, 69-6637, 69-6658, 69-6663
69-6667, 69-7536, plus two

Farside outside:
65-0271               C-141B       459th AW AFRes
164997/WV-997         C-130T       VR-53
164998/WV-998         C-130T       VR-53
161335/LW-335         P-3C         VP-68
161404/LW-404         P-3C         VP-68
161409/LW-409         P-3C         VP-68
161671                A-6E         stored in bag!
....../MG-00          F/A-18B      VMFA-321
85-1509/DC-19         F-16D        121st FS

F/A-18A VMFA-321 'MG':
162468/07, 162414/08, 162443/09

F-16C 113th FW 121st FS 'DC':
85-1438/05, 85-1450/.., 85-1453/07, 85-1461/10
85-1464/.., 85-1480/17, 86-0209/20, 86-0255/21
The 85-1461 wore "121 FS" markings.

Hangars farside:
164994/WV-4994        C-130T       VR-53
161506/7N             UC-12B       Washington
161199/5A, 161314/5A  UC-12B       USMC HQ

EA-6B VAQ-209 'AF': 158029/620, 161118/622, 161244/625
P-3C  VP-68   'LW': 161334/334, 161337/337

F-16C 113th FW 121st FS 'DC':
85-1400/01, 85-1422/02, 85-1455/08, 85-1474/14

F/A-18A VMFA-321 'MG':
161970/01, 161974/02, 161979/04 plus two

Flying only:
..-....               B-2A         509th BW

C-141B 437th AW :
64-0621 (blue), 65-0269 (yel), 66-0194 (yel/blue)

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