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Andrews 2007

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Date: 19/20 May 2007

Made by: Scramble, Alan Kilham, David Rickwood, Barry Cooper, John Hutchins, Alan Cole, Stewart De


85-0065/DY 		B-1B 		28th BS       
60-0008/LA              B-52H 		96th BS "8AF"
68-0212 		C-5A 		137th AS NY ANG 
71-0876                 C-9A 		stored          
84-0190                 KC-10A 		305th AMW     
83-0498                 C-12D 		1st AS         
05-5144                 C-17A           729th AS AFRC  
84-0075                 C-21A           457th AS       
94-1569                 C-38A           201st AS DC ANG
02-0201                 C-40C           201st AS DC ANG
64-14852/FT 		HC-130P 	71st RQS
06-1438 		C-130J-30 	143rd AS RI ANG
62-3543 		KC-135R 	756th ARS AFRC
82-0007/OK 		E-3C 		960th AACS       
01-2005/GA              E-8C 		128th ACCS GA ANG
90-0228/SJ              F-15E 		333rd FS        
85-1450/DC              F-16C           121st FS DC ANG
04-4076/FF              F-22A           94th FS        
85-0813/HO              F-117A 		9th FS         
69-6669 		UH-1N 		1st HS
69-16131 		OH-58A+r 	1-224th AVN Det.1
90-00457 		AH-64A 		1-130th AVN NC NG
95-0060/CB 		T-1A 		48th FTS 
05-3797/XL              T-6A 		84th FTS 
68-8001/EN              T-37B 		89th FTS        
64-13271/BB 		T-38A           1st RS          
64-13304/BB 		T-38A           1st RS          
61-0851/CB 		T-38C           49th FTS        
70-1551/CB              T-38C           49th FTS "49FTS"
68-8204/HO              T-38A 	        7th CTS         
73-1156/RA              CT-43A 		562nd FTS      
80-1076/BB              U-2S 		99th RS          
04-0027 		CV-22B 		71st SOS
160432/RM-04 		EA-6B 		VMAQ-4
161118/AF-502 		EA-6B 		VAQ-209
161309/- 		UC-12B 		nn
166767/VM 		UC-35D 		VMR-2
164997/AX-997 		C-130T 		VR-53
165957/BH-957 		KC-130J 	VMGR-252
165650/653 		E-2C 		VAW-120
162861/AJ-411 		F/A-18A 	VFA-87  
162902/AJ-403 		F/A-18A         VFA-87  
164268/DC-14 		F/A-18C         VMFA-122
166776/AJ-100 		F/A-18E         VFA-31  
166777/AJ-101 		F/A-18E         VFA-31  
165287/WG-15 		AH-1W 		HMLA-775
158778/WG-24            UH-1N 		HMLA-775
157675/YM-14            CH-46E 		HMM-365
157683/21 		CH-46E          HMX-1  
161183/CJ-01 		CH-53E          HMH-461
165252 			CH-53E          HMX-1  
165504/MT-409 		CH-53E          HMH-772
162504/HC-40 		MH-53E          HC-4   
162042/E-78 		TH-57C          HT-8   
162668/E-106 		TH-57C          HT-8   
162137/HR-500 		SH-60B          HSL-48 
166349/HU-730           MH-60S          HSC-2  
160588/AA-703           S-3B 		VS-22   
159715/F-803 		T-2C            TW-6 
165967/F-967            T-6A            TW-6 
165992/F-992            T-6A            TW-6 
164168/E-168            T-34C 		TW-5
160053/F-18 		T-39G           nmks
165086/A-187 		T-45C           VT-7
165088/A-109            T-45C           VT-9
165091/A-112            T-45C           VT-9
165092/A-113            T-45C           VT-9
165460/A-117            T-45C           VT-9
165461/A-118            T-45C 	        VT-7
6581 			HH-65C 		CGAS Atlantic City 
1078                    MH-68A 		HITRON Jacksonville
2120                    HU-25A 		CGAS Cape Cod      
N51EA "463684/SX-B" 	P-51D 		ex 44-63507     
NL82GA 			SBD-5           ex 54532        
N1171Y                  OV-1D           ex 62-05874     
N151TP                  P-51D           ex 44-73543     
N345AB                  C-47A           as "330652/D-W7"
N382FW                  FwP149D 	ex Germany 90+58
N730MJ                  Spitfire IX 	ex RAF MJ730
N1941P "41-5658/108" 	P-40E 		ex Canada 1025
NX2146J 		Strikemaster84 	ex Singapore 310
N3703G "41-24485/DF-A" 	B-17G 		ex 44-83546
NL7030C 		TBM-3E 		ex 53454
N23827 			AD-4 		ex 123827
N56360 			BT-13A 		Comm. Air Force

Thunderbirds flightline:
The Thunderbirds were present with six F-16Cs and two
F-16Ds. Unfortunately the identities of the aircraft are still

UH-1 Flightline (behind shuttle bus drop off area):
69-6618/18, 69-6636/36 	UH-1N 		1st HS     
69-6633/33 		UH-1N           1st HS 19th
69-6638/38 		UH-1N           1st HS 20th
69-6659/59, 69-6667/67 	UH-1N           1st HS     
69-6668/68, 69-7536/36 	UH-1N           1st HS     
69-7537/37 		UH-1N           1st HS     

01-0041 		C-40B 		1st AS

76-0163 		C-12C 		nn N8079B?
83-0499 		C-12D 		nn
84-0098 		C-21A 		nn

69-6601/04, 69-6630/30 	UH-1N 		1st HS
69-6637/37, 69-6655/55 	UH-1N           1st HS
69-6657/57, 69-6661/61 	UH-1N           1st HS
69-6663/63, 69-7538/38 	UH-1N           1st HS

Flightlines/far side:
78-0673/DM, 80-0168/DM 	A-10A 		355th Wing "355Wg"
97-0046 		C-17A 		437th AW
85-01607 		C-31A 		Golden Knights
98-0002 		C-32A 		1st AS dep
97-0401 		C-37A 		99th AS
64-0504, 72-1293 	C-130E 		43rd AW
57-1487, 57-1512 	KC-135R 	756th AR AFRC   
58-0115 		KC-135E         150th ARS NJ ANG
59-1469 		KC-135R         756th AR AFRC   
78-0490/EG +1 		F-15C 		58th FS        
85-1400/DC, 85-1422/DC 	F-16C           121st FS DC ANG
85-1438/DC, 85-1455/DC 	F-16C           121st FS DC ANG
85-1477/DC +1 		F-16C           121st FS DC ANG
05-4085/FF +1 		F-22A           94th FS        
84-0826//HO r 		F-117A 		9th FS
164141/KD-31 		AV-8B 		VMAT-203
....../KD-33 		AV-8B 		VMAT-203
166659/AD-232 +1 	F/A-18F 	VFA-106
1x 			CH-46 		nn
92-00473 		MH-47E 		2-160th SOAR
N51JB 			P-51D 		ex 44-73029
NX86FR "31201/FU-201" 	F-86F           ex 52-4959 
NX556RH 		T-33A           ex 58-0665 
N3774 			B-25D MkII 	ex 43-3634
N8704 			C-47B 		as "476716"
N3193G 			B-17G 		ex 44-85829

M711Z "89001" 		C-140 		pres, USAF c/s

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