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Atlanta 1982

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Date: 15 May 1982

Made by:


00989/MI	A-7D 		107TFS/MI ANG
90003           C-5A 		436MAW          
24182           C-7A 		700TAS/AFRES    
23576           KC-135A 	2BW          
38274           F-105G 		128TFS/GA ANG 
70088/MO        F-111A 		366TFW     
70161           FB-111A 	509BW        
90317           T-37B 		14FTW          
01590           T-38A 		14FTW          
147648/AF-613 	KA-3B 		VAK-208
154310/F-384 	TA-4J 		VT-4
154343/GD-7	TA-4J		VAQ-33
155676/KC-00 	A-6E 		VMAT(AW)-302
154509/AF-502 	A-7B 		VF-205
153691/JS 	C-118B 		VR-54
155825/VE-103	F-4J 		VMFA-115
161154/AD-112 	F-14A 		VF-101
161417/AD-171 	F-14A 		VF-101
157786/MP-417 	AH-1J 		HMA-773
158751/GC-635 	RH-53D 		HM-16
157376/E-21 	TH-57A 		HT-8
152750/LT-7 	P-3B 		VP-62
161127/LD-7 	P-3C 		VP-10
160142/702 	S-3A 		No marks
158904/AD-332 	T-2C 		VF-43
138141/E-235 	T-28B 		VT-6
160274/E-274 	T-34C 		TAW-5
161072/D-072 	T-44A 		TW-4
155488/MU 	OV-10A 		VMO-4
155496/MU 	OV-10A 		VMO-4
68-15529 	UH-1H 		Georgia ARNG 
68-16720 	OH-58A 		Georgia ARNG
6102676 	OV-1C 		Georgia ARNG
1445 		HH-52A 		USCG Savannah

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