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Barksdale 2000

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Date: 15 April 2000

Made by:


79-0105/BD	OA-10A		47th FS AFRC   
79-0148/BD	A-10A	        47th FS AFRC   
79-0150/BD	A-10A	        47th FS AFRC   
86-0117/DY	B-1B	        28th BS        
88-0331/WM	B-2A	        393rd BS       
60-0054/LA	B-52H		96th BS
61-0006/LA	B-52H		11th BS
70-0459		C-5A	        60th AMW       
79-1710		KC-10A	        305th AMW      
98-0050		C-17A	        437th AW       
62-3521		KC-135R	        74th ARS AFRC  
64-14849/OF	RC-135U	        38th RS        
65-0219		C-141B	        97th AMW       
77-0355/OK	E-3B	        964th AACS     
96-0042		E-8C	        93rd ACW
77-0112/JZ	F-15A	        122nd FS LA ANG
77-0134/JZ	F-15A	        122nd FS LA ANG
87-0210		F-15E		391st FS "366 WG"
89-0474/SJ	F-15E	        336th FS
91-0389/SW	F-16CJ	        78th FS 
92-3907/SW	F-16CJ	        78th FS 
93-0532/SW	F-16CJ	        78th FS 
93-0540/SW	F-16CJ	        78th FS 
85-0834/HO	F-117A	        8th FS  
85-0818/HO	F-117A	        8th FS  
87-0094		CH-47D		nn
91-0562		OH-58D		4/2nd ACR
95-0015		OH-58D(I)	4/2nd ACR
85-25461	AH-64A		1-149th AVN TX NG
86-8966		AH-64A		101st AVN
95-0057/CB	T-1A		144th FTW "14 OG"
58-1863/VN	T-37B		71st FTW
60-0076/CB	T-37B		14th FTW
60-0198/VN	T-37B		71st FTW  
63-8187/CB	AT-38B	        14th FTW  
64-13172/CB	AT-38B	        14th FTW  
65-10361/WM	T-38A	        394th CTS 
65-10442/WM	T-38A	        394th CTS 
67-14920/WM	T-38A	        394th CTS 
68-8147/XL	T-38A	        "87 FTS"  
164224/SH-273	F/A-18D	        VMFAT-101 
163488/NJ-322	F/A-18D	        VFA-125   
161004/LK-004	P-3C	        VP-26     
159168/A-987	T-2C	        VT-9      
165509/F-01	T-39N	        VT-86     
163638/B-238	T-45A	        TW-2      
163643/B-243	T-45A	        TW-2      
6539		HH-65A		New Orleans
		MiG-21		'5060'
N2850L		T-2B		'51-3681'

60-0014/LA	B-52H		20th BS
60-0045/BD	B-52H		93rd BS AFRC
79-0035/EG	F-15C		60th FS
81-0021/EG	F-15C		58th FS
88-0422/HL	F-16CG		421st FS
89-2144/HL +1	F-16CG		421st FS
And the Blue Angels with six Hornets coded 1 - 6.

Far side:
88-0422/HL +2	F-16C		4th FS
5x...../WA	(O)A-10A	57th FWW

90-0040/WM	B-2A		393rd BS "Spirit of Alaska"
..-..../EL	B-1B		28th BW
57-2599		KC-135R		77th ARS AFRC
85-0818/HO	F-117A		8th FS

79-0143/BD	OA-10A		47th FS AFRC
B-52Hs of 93rd BS AFRC coded 'BD' rd:
60-0041	60-0042	61-0029
B-52Hs of 11th BS coded 'LA' yl:
60-0032 60-0038	60-0058	61-0011 61-0038
B-52Hs of 20th BS coded 'LA' bl:
60-0001	60-0025 60-0030 60-0043 60-0049	60-0062 
61-0002/"2OG"   61-0003 61-0004 61-0010
B-52Hs of 96th BS coded 'LA' rd:
60-0008/"8AF"	60-0010 60-0016 60-0019 60-0028 
60-0031	60-0037 60-0052 60-0053/"96BS"  61-0013
61-0019 61-0020 61-0024
B-52Hs of 2nd BW coded 'LA', no fintip colour:
60-0012	61-0028

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