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Barnes 1987

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Date: 12/13 June 1987

Made by:


162071/VL-04	AV-8B		VMA-331			MCAS Cherry Point
162954/VL-11*	AV-8B		VMA-331			MCAS Cherry Point
77-0270/MA	A-10A		104TFG/131TFS MA ANG
78-0608/MA	A-10A		104TFG/131TFS MA ANG
78-0630/MA	A-10A		104TFG/131TFS MA ANG
79-0104/MA	A-10A		104FG/131TFS MA ANG
73-1095/PA	A-37B		111TASG/103TASS	PA ANG
229		CL 215		CAF			Quebec City, Canada
115457*		CC-115		413 SQ/CAF		CFB Summerside
12183		CP-121		MR 880/CAF		CFB Summerside
114062		CT-114		2 FTS			CFB Moose Jaw
133402		CT-113		VU-32?			CFB Shearwater
62-1849		C-130E		439TAW/337TAS		Westover AFB
74-1649/SJ	F-4E		4TFW/336TFS		Seymour Johnson AFB
37+77		F-4F		JBG 74			Neuburg AB
38+14		F-4F		JBG 36			Hopsten AB
81-0026/FF	F-15C		1TFW/71TFS		Langley AFB
83-0037/FF	F-15C		1TFW/71TFS		Langley AFB
81-0769		F-16A		158FIG/134FIS VT ANG
57-2466-03	F-106A		102FIW/101FIS MA ANG
66-16239	UH-1H		1159 Med Co NH NG
65-12784	HH-3E		106ARRG/102ARRS	NY ANG
68-18470	CH-54B		208 Trans Co CT NG
56-3526/OK	T-37B		71FTW/8FTS		Vance AFB
69-7076		T-38A		14FTW/50FTS		Columbus AFB
62-3637/HM	AT-38B		479TTW			Holloman AFB
63-8187/HM	AT-38B		479TTW			Holloman AFB
ZA447/EA	Tornado GR1	15 SQ/RAF		Laarbruch AB
44+44		Tornado		JBG 31/German AF	Norvenich AB
44+57		Tornado		JBG 31/German AF	Norvenich AB

F-106A  102FIW:  57-2475/07  57-2493/10  57-2504/16

* = Also flying

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