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Biggs 1997

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Date: 4 October 1997

Made by:


13803/803		CC-138		440sq
142806/806		CC-142		402sq
114065/65		CT-114		2FTS
114128/128		CT-114		2FTS
6554			HH-65A		Corpus Christie
161039/E-1039		T-34C	        TAW-5          
162310/QH		KC-130T	        VMGR-234       
162398/MA-12		F/A-18A	        VMFA-112       
162884/MA-11		F/A-18A	        VMFA-112       
69-6603			UH-1N	        512SOS/58SOW   
82-23728		UH-60A	        512SOS/58SOW   
66-14432		MH-53J	        512SOS/58SOW   
87-0126			MC-130H	        512SOS/58SOW   
64-14858		MC-130P	        512SOS/58SOW   
91-26357/HO		UH-60L	        48RQS/49FW     
68-8185/HO	        T-38A	        7FS/49FW       
72-1221/HO	        F-4F	        20FS/49FW      
88-0504/NM	        F-16C	        188FS/NM ANG   
89-2118/NM	        F-16C	        188FS/NM ANG   
63-7889/RI	        C-130E	        143AW/RI ANG   
62-3521		        KC-135R	        434ARW/AFRC    
84-0133		        C-21A	        84AF/21SPW     
94-0044/CB	        T-1A		14FTW       
88-1678/OT	        F-15E	        53Wg       
84-0163		        C-12F	        nn         
85-24449		UH-60A	        571MedDet  
84-24026		EH-60A	        B/304MIB   
91-0516			RC-12N	        B/304MIB   
13790		        Mi-14PL	        OPTEC      
133490/490	        CT-133	        417sq      
133572/572	        CT-133	        417sq      
188932/932	        CF-188B	        410sq      
80-0204/DM	        A-10A	        355Wg      
80-0207/DM	        A-10A	        355Wg      
151891		        TC-130G	        Blue Angels
161975/1	        F/A-18A	        Blue Angels
161984/2	        F/A-18A	        Blue Angels
161983/3	        F/A-18A	        Blue Angels
161952/4	        F/A-18A	        Blue Angels
161959/5	        F/A-18A	        Blue Angels
161969/6	        F/A-18A	        Blue Angels
161932/7	        F/A-18B	        Blue Angels
161943/7	        F/A-18B	        Blue Angels
01192		        Mi-17	        OPTEC      
22258		        An-2	        OTSA       
22270		        Mi-24P	        OPTEC      

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