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Charlotte 1999

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Date: 16 October 1999

Made by:


80-0265/BC	A-10A Thunderbolt II	"110 FW" , MI ANG
85-25411	AH-64A Apache		1-130th Attack
85-0092/GA	B-1B Lancer		116 BW , GA ANG
60-0059/LA	B-52H Stratofortress	96 BS
92-1451/NC	C-130H Hercules		156 AS
92-1452/NC	C-130H Hercules		156 AS
93-1453/NC	C-130H Hercules		156 AS
93-1455/NC	C-130H Hercules		156 AS
93-1456/NC	C-130H Hercules		156 AS
93-1562/NC	C-130H Hercules		156 AS
163491/AA-403	F/A-18C Hornet		VFA-81 Sunliners
161275/AJ-114	F-14A Tomcat		VF-41 Black Aces
89-0502/SJ	F-15E Strike Eagle	4 FW , 335 FS
92-3902		F-16CJ Falcon		169FW , 157FS
92-3911		F-16CJ Falcon		169FW , 157FS
159168/A-987	T-2C Buckeye		CTW-1
68-8114/CB	AT-38 Talon		"14 FTW"
64-13609/N8158Q	UH-1H Huey		NC Forest Service
26409		UH-60 Blackhawk	

44-81148	AT-6D Texan
2990/N54679	BT-13A Valiant
60-2271		C-45G Expeditor
97143/N713JT	F-4U Corsair
140063/NX31431	T-28C Trojan
53-4121/N5567V	T-34A Mentor
91388/N95642	TBM-3E Avenger
47-9746		P-51D Mustang
138164		T-28B Trojan
49-3137/N101GB	T-6 Texan

Museum aircraft:
142226		A4D-1 Skyhawk	
159971		A-7E Corsair II		VA-72
159216		AH-1J Cobra	
53-0335		KC-97			Nose section only
155472		OV-10D Bronco	
62-5874		OV-1D Mohawk	
62-5890/N1209P	OV-1D Mohawk		Civil
138285		T-28B Trojan	
148239		T-2A Buckeye	
64-13731	UH-1H Huey	
65-9667		UH-1H Huey	
55-4496		CH-34C Choctaw	
33866		P-80C Sea Star	
52-3253		F-84G Thunderjet	"50-1191A"
53-1788		YF-102A Delta Dagger	
56-0243		F-101F Voodoo	
125136		HO35-1Dragonfly	
52-4142		F-86L Sabre	
		AN-2 Colt	
N44V		DC-3 'Piedmont Airlines'	

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